Sell old car and buy a car with less powerful engine. If you are a resident of Moscow, remember that the owners of vehicles whose capacity is less than 70 HP, are exempt from vehicle tax. This approach to the choice of car will help you not only save on the transport tax, but also reduce the cost of fuel during longer standing in traffic jams.
Re-register their car in another region. Remember that tax rates in different regions vary considerably. Therefore you can significantly save your money in the presence of a trusted person in another region, on which it is possible to register the vehicle. Remember that the inspection will have to pass also the place of registration of the car, and drive a vehicle, most likely, on General power of attorney. Therefore, carefully weigh the pros and cons before you decide on such a step.
Take advantage of this benefit. If you are a hero of the Russian Federation or the Soviet Union or cavalier of the order of Glory, you can not pay the transport tax. Also exempt from vehicle tax and the disabled groups 1 and 2, if the power of the engine of their car less than 100 horsepower.
Remove the car from the register and continue the operation of the transit room. In this case, the vehicle is not taxed. But keep in mind that after transit will be expired, you will either have to spend time on their re-registration, or to pay an administrative penalty if you are stopped by the inspector of traffic police. Also do not forget about the hijackers, for which unregistered vehicle is a piece of cake.
Reduce the power of the engine of his car. For this you need to make changes to the vehicle, prepare and submit to the traffic police a statement about the changes to the design of the vehicle, the documents from the service center, where the works were produced, as well as the conclusion about the possibility of conversion of the vehicle. Next, you will need to provide a vehicle for instrumental control in the traffic police. In the case of a positive tool control you will be given a "Certificate of compliance with design safety requirements", and then title and registration card will be amended accordingly.