Why there is an Allergy in puppies

кашляет и отказывается от еды

Questions about the benefits and dangers of vaccination systematically rise professionals engaged in the field of veterinary. The decision about whether to vaccinate a puppy, he accepts the owner. However, you should know that many drugs for vaccination may be the strongest allergens, so before you make a decision about vaccination, you should consult with an experienced specialist.

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In addition to allergies to the vaccine, the puppy may develop an allergic reaction to foods, especially often the cause of allergies is the use of puppy foods with high protein content. Allergen can serve chicken meat that an animal can react quite badly. For this reason, you should carefully consider the choice of food for your pet. Some manufacturers produce feed for dogs prone to food allergies, which can be purchased in specialized stores.

лечения кашля у собак

First aid for allergic reaction in puppy

собака супрастин

In case of Allergy the puppy should immediately be excluded from its diet dangerous products and to show the animal to the vet. If an Allergy attack occurs in an acute form, you should have a pet first aid. A sick animal should be injected "Suprastin" or "Diphenhydramine" or give antihistamine tablets.

If the puppy is in a serious condition, you need to put the animal in a convenient position and provide fresh air.
While allergies in dogs can begin vomiting, in this case, it is necessary to clear the jaws of the animal from vomit, otherwise the puppy can choke.

Upon the occurrence of anaphylactic shock should immediately call the vet, but before his arrival, if necessary, to make the puppy an injection "Immunofan and ascorbic acid.

In protracted nature of the disease, you can replace the plain water with a weak decoction of a succession. Puppies usually tolerate such changes in the diet. More strong decoction of succession it is necessary to make compresses and wraps in allergic rashes and itching.

In any case, at the first sign of allergies in a puppy, the animal should immediately be seen by a specialist, because a wrong treatment can cause irreparable harm to the body of the animal and even lead to death.