The main purpose of the job description – to lead the work of a specialist in accordance with the company's goals. There are no standards, but there are basic rules that have practical value.

Turn on the list all activities that need to be made to a specialist; service interaction with staff from own and other departments. Indicate the nature of this interaction; the list of equipment which will have to deal with a specialist – this also includes the materials and knowledge required for qualified activities. Describe normative indicators of what and how much will be the pay; working conditions.
The duties of the employee cannot be represented impressive volume is usually 2-3 sheets of typewritten text, therefore, describe all work succinctly and accurately, in order to avoid misunderstanding on the part of the employee. Consume in relation to the responsibilities of collective expression, if the question is about office work. Very specific instructions are needed if the job responsibilities are written for employees in the workplace.
The list of duties, make a point of subordination of the employee.

Job description necessarily includes information about the chain of command in the company – the position in the document takes further claims of the employees about who and what to dispose of. Possible options of dual subordination – on some issues a person is in possession of one supervisor, others in the office of another.
The next item of the working time. Be sure to describe the possibility of involvement in case of force majeure. Also write down a payment for work during weekends and holidays.

Important point: the job descriptions will specify the responsibilities of the parties for compliance with the above paragraphs of responsibilities. For failure to list the penalties under the current legislation.
Execute job strictly in formal and business style. Each item in list with new line and select the next digit. The document is signed by the parties in two copies – one retained by the employee, the second – in the personnel Department of the enterprise.