The main tasks of the lawyer in the company

The company with any form of ownership, the main task of the lawyer is high-quality and operational support of its activities to timely identify, prevent and minimize possible risks. Moreover, if the company is small and cannot afford a legal Department in which each employee specialize in their field of law, in-house counsel need to navigate freely in labour, and in tax and civil legislation.

That is why the duties that are imputed to a lawyer will largely depend on whether he is the only scholar working in this company. In this case, the leader who doesn't want to keep the state a lot of lawyers, it is advisable from time to time to attract professionals working in law firms and specialize in narrow areas of law.

What should be included in the duties of a lawyer

Without the participation of a lawyer should not be developed any documents as constituent and internal regulatory and organizational and administrative. A lawyer should participate in the activities of the enterprise from the very first days of its organization, participating in the process of registration of a legal entity. Subsequently, with his participation, changes in the constituent documents.

The duties of the lawyer is to ensure the company's regulatory and legal documents regulating its activities and managing the database of legal acts, monitoring and payment of all current changes in legislation. It needs to check for compliance all projects of orders, instructions, regulations and other legal documents, which then will be signed by the supervisor.

An important part of the duties of an attorney is contract work. A lawyer should choose the best form of contractual relations, develop draft contracts to check for compliance with the law, those projects that are the signature of the head of the counterparties. The lawyer also involved in the resolution of claims and disputes and in court proceedings, including arbitration. He will have to prepare applications for obtaining authorizations and licenses, special permits for the activities of the company. In addition, his competence will be to address issues of labor law: employment, transfer and dismissal of employees, labor disputes and so on. Will refer to employees of the company to advise on various legal issues.