Who can work as a storekeeper

Each company puts its own requirements for the recruitment of storekeeper depending on the specifics. In some cases, required product knowledge, some required knowledge of computer and warehouse programs. There are some certain requirements that needed for a particular job.

Sometimes the storekeeper is the one man due to heavy physical exertion (some small businesses, they perform and loading and unloading). But mostly storekeeper can work people with secondary and secondary special education, with the right state of health to bear material responsibility for the goods in the warehouse.

The duties of storekeeper

The storekeeper is a universal worker who performs a variety of duties, based on the characteristics of the enterprise. It is responsible for receiving, storing and dispensing of items in stock. The main functions of storekeeper are as follows: mandatory knowledge of the nomenclature of goods in stock; knowledge of regulatory standards relating to his work, including the Charter of the enterprise; the maintenance of inventory documentation of the receiving and transfer of goods (often on the computer in the 1S, if not, then manually).

When receiving the goods the storekeeper shall check the correctness of the positions, number and equipment. Unloading and loading of goods he runs through the movers, and in their absence - performs it himself. Next, it needs to deliver the goods accordingly the terms of its storage requirements (temperature, fragility, dimensions, etc.). The item is also included in the duties of the storekeeper. He must either himself to complete orders or to control the operation of the operators, checking the correct Assembly of the cargo.

The order in the warehouse also should maintain the storekeeper, and also keep a record of all cash goods. Because the employee is financially responsible, it conducts periodic inventory of warehouse under the supervision of a warehouse or independently, depending on the structure of the enterprise.

It is possible to perform any more duties, but this is all prescribed in the employment contract with a specific employer. It is necessary to read carefully all the points about the upcoming work to further not raise any issues and conflicts.