Advice 1: Duties of specialist cleaning

In all industries need professionals. Housekeeping has long been a professionals. Their services are used by not only large organizations but also individuals. The advantages of specialist cleaning quick and proper use of cleaning products.
Careful attitude to work is one of the duties of a specialist in cleaning

The personality of the specialist

For the position of specialist in cleaning we accept people without physical disabilities. They should be able to do the job during the working day. Also unacceptable chronic diseases.

Specialist cleaning is obliged to monitor their appearance. Cleaner that looks sloppy, is not credible clients. The negativity can impact on a whole firm.
To cleaning companies for employees special form is provided. Dimensional stability is also included in their duty.


Careful attitude to their official duties - one of the main conditions for specialist cleaning. Cleaning involves the interaction with many things, including fragile. If the employee often breaks items, one should raise the question about his capabilities.

Carefulness should be exercised when working with detergents and cleaning products. Some modern tools are produced in concentrated form, it is necessary to use them in small quantities.
The quality of services is controlled by managers of the cleaning company. They carry out regular checks of their employees. In addition, customers can leave written feedback about a specific employee.

When you work at height, for example, cleaning a window requires caution and accuracy. Failure to do so threatens an accident. In addition, the employee must comply with the requirements of instructions on labor protection.

Knowledge and skills

Specialist cleaning should know the necessary information about the methods of cleaning different surfaces. Improper use of tools can cause damage to objects and things.

In the work of the specialist cleaning uses several types of rags. He should know what to use when cleaning glass, polished surfaces and fabrics. Accordingly, it is necessary to select and means.

If an employee of the cleaning company caters to a constant object, he is obliged to comply strictly with schedule of cleaning. At least once a week should be a General cleaning of each room. Washing the floor in this chart is a daily procedure.

When you run a cleaning employee of the cleaning company is obliged to use rubber and cotton gloves. If necessary he must wear respirator household. So he will be able to protect yourself from getting various infections in the skin and in the respiratory system.

Advice 2 : How to write the order on the imposition of duties

In the course of business activities of the company there are such situations when the primary worker goes on vacation or goes on a business trip. In this case, the Manager must temporarily assign the duties to another employee. This procedure using administrative document – order.
How to write the order on the imposition of duties
Get the written consent of the employee on whom you want to temporarily shift responsibilities. Do it with the help of the additional agreement to the labour contract. List the period of performance of official duties in the case if you change the salary, and specify its size.
Also consent is unable to, by providing the employee notice. Specify a time frame, list temporary duty. If you change major, it should also be mentioned. Then give the employee the document to be signed.
Familiarize the employee with his new duties, for this you can give information job descriptions. After reviewing the employee must sign a special register, his signature will constitute acceptance of all listed conditions.
Then make an order. Specify an administrative document date, place of execution (city). Make sure to put the ordinal number of the document. Give a reason for the laying of official duties, for example, "in order to ensure compliance with norms and safety regulations" or "in connection with the release of the employee acting as (insert title)".
The airport and enter the amount of the Supplement. This can be as a fixed rate, and the percentage of the production or the services rendered. In the order, specify the employee's name, position, its personnel number. Then sign the document, put the blue seal of the organization and give the signature of the employee.
Register the administrative document in the journal of the orders and give to the accounting Department for subsequent calculation of remuneration. Don't forget to put a note in the personal card of the employee (unified form T-2).
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