Notice at what point the error occurs on the computer. Most likely, this error is caused by either your actions or the actions of one of the running programs. Work on the computer until then, until the error does not occur again, and install the dependency. It is also worth noting that the error could be caused by a variety of malicious code that is written in the registry. Make a note of the error text on paper or copy to a document. Sometimes the operating system indicates an error code, which you can figure out what this error is caused by.
If in the process of finding the cause of the error you realize what causes it then you are halfway there. We have to find out what to do with it. Enter the approximate essence of your problem in your search engine and you will see links to resources which discussed similar issues. For example, the query text could look like this: "When I open Explorer, the error code 613". At this point in time the Internet is described in almost all types of errors that can occur on your computer. There are even sites that have a complete list of errors.
If the problem still is not solved, look for assistance from a specialist. Describe the familiar programmer the situation and the circumstances in which the error occurs. Computer scientists will find how to help you. Feel free to look stupid or say something wrong. All the people in it were once beginners, and then learned. At the moment you learn, and will understand that any system administrator. In an extreme case, you can reinstall the system and everything is working as usual, just have to re-install the software for your computer.