Advice 1: What hair color suits to gray-blue eyes?

Due to the presence of pigment in the iris, color eyes people different. In the world you can meet the representatives of the human race with different eyes: green, brown, blue, blue. Any version of the painting "mirror of the soul" in its own beautiful and unique.
What hair color suits to gray-blue eyes?
Gray-blue eye color is one of the oldest shades of the iris. Interestingly, the gene for blue colour is dominant, so in the world of blue-eyed people are much more than the owners eye all the other shades.

A bit of psychology

If you listen carefully to the name of the shade of grey — blue, it's hard not to notice that it consists of two colors: grey and blue. And, therefore, the owners of the eyes of this beautiful hue — people are contradictory and inconsistent. Their mood can change at the speed of thought and beyond internal control. With the same speed change and the desire of owners of gray-blue eyes, the shade of which, depending on the lighting, color of clothing and other causes, can range from blue to dark gray.

It is not surprising that girls and women with such eyes often enough to want to change something in their appearance. Most people change the appearance of start with the hairstyle or hair color. What hair color is most beneficial accentuate blue eyes?

How to choose hair color for grey blue eyes

Usually natural hair color and eye color of the person are a perfect combination. However, if there is an internal discomfort and the woman feels the need to change the hair color or make them a little brighter, then simply dye the hair selected color.
To gray-blue eyes fits virtually any hair color cool shade.

The most widespread and common variant is the combination of the described eye color with blond hair. And here it is possible to opt for different bright colors: wheat, brown, ash. All depends on the willingness of each individual member of the fairer sex.

The type of appearance plays a role in this issue. So, women with gray-blue eyes can have both light and dark skin. Fair-skinned girls often colouring the iris is light gray-blue hue. Therefore, they are best suited blonde hair.

But dark-skinned ladies, with eyes of a deep rich gray-blue hue, it is better to give preference hair coloring in dark colors: black, chestnut, dark brown.
When painting, try not to use the hints more than 2 shades different from the natural color of hair.

From time immemorial, people always pay attention to the human eye. So wisely about the choice of makeup and shade of hair to accentuate the depth of the look.

Advice 2: How to emphasize blue eyes

Blue eyes by themselves are less expressive than, for example, bright blue. Many argue that such eyes are the most mysterious of all, in them lies some mystery. Properly selected makeup, hair and clothing will give the possessor of gray-blue eyes more allure and charm.
How to emphasize blue eyes
The perception of a shade of gray-blue eyes depends on external factors such as weather, the color of the sky or the tone of the environment. You can also emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, varying clothing, makeup, shade of hair.
Decide for yourself what effect you want to achieve. According to your desire eye can be done either pale blue, or cold, metallic edge. If you want to emphasize the blue, wear blue tones. Suitable blue-gray, smoky-blue, denim, turquoise shades. And in the second case, wear clothes of shades of grey. Silvery, ashy, smoky shades will make your eyes to acquire more cold, steel color. Pay attention to the fabric of the clothes you wear. Thin soft materials give the eyes a calm shade, shiny, thick fabric make the tone more dramatic. Also more expressive and give a brightness gray-blue eyes, the patterns on the shoes, clothes, bag, jewelry. Pick up the patterns of one color: blue, light blue-gray and smoky-blue.
Holders of gray-blue eyes are usually blonde hair. If the shade of your eyes is very bright, it is not necessary to dye your hair bright red or dark chestnut color. You will approach a light caramel soft shades, for example light chestnut or Golden blond. Great with light eyes will look new-fangled shade of hair "planet". It is a mixture of blonde and brown, which merge into light brown and honey composition. Remember that hair color for blue eyes should be natural and go well with skin color.
To emphasize blue eyes using makeup. Well with those eyes combined with the following shades of eye shadow: sky blue, sky blue, grayish silver blue, dark blue and ice blue. You can also use (especially for those whose eyes have greenish shade) Golden, copper, watery-blue, yellow, light green, emerald and turquoise shade. Ash-a silver shade will shift the color of your eyes to more grey and pale, and purple, silvery-pink, beige-pink shadow podcherknut their brightness.
Do not use make-up too sharp, contrasting colors. The shade should be slightly darker than your natural eye color. With gray-blue eyes will be perfectly combined shades of the makeup of the type "metallic". Also you can feel free to use all shades of blue and blue colors, combined with blue pencil. For daytime makeup is good for blue and blue tones of light and medium intensity, and brilliant blue hues are perfect for evening. Use light pink or white pencil. In combination with light silvery or bluish shadows, and it will give the eyes expressiveness. Emphasize the outer and inner corners of the eyes. White color looks good in the daytime makeup. It is refreshing gray-blue eyes, and light pink may give them a natural glow.
Useful advice
Do not use brown mascara. Would you prefer black, blue and blue.

Advice 3: What hair color would suit green eyes

About the owners of beautiful green eyes for centuries wrote poems and songs. A woman with the same color eyes attracts, fascinates, charms ... like a witch.
What hair color would suit green eyes

Green eyes

Green eyes are attributed magical properties. And there are even special horoscopes which give the interpretation of the character's eye color. Green-eyed beauties peculiar principled, stubborn nature.
They are popular and respected among his friends and acquaintances. It is easy to achieve their goals and is able to withstand the difficulties. Have good intuition and there is a mystery.

But how to choose such eyes hair color? To address this issue should be approached seriously. Nature originally gave you your under eyes the shade of hair. Most often in green-eyed beauties black, chestnut or brown hair. There are rare women with red hair. If you have any of these colors, then you are lucky. They all look great with your eye color. But what if your hair is not bright enough? Or you want to change and have decided on a painting? Then you should, first of all, imagine what hair color would you like to see yourself, and whether he goes for your face shape, skin tone and eye color?

Natural color

You should pay attention to your natural hair color. Not all paint can, for example, to repaint a brunette to a redhead or even blonde. If you are unsure of the end result of painting in a particular color, it is best to seek the advice of to a beauty salon or personal hairdresser.

About the color of the face there is a rule – if the skin is pale, it is better to use warm colors.
Women with light skin and green eyes, well suited to all the warm shades of Golden, brown, red and red. For pale skin it is better not to choose blonde, platinum and ashy shades.
If you have dark skin tone, you better go cool shades. Owners age spots and freckles on the face fit the Golden hues. If your skin has properties much blush in the wind, covered with reddish spots, then you should not use red color.

Which color is better?

Women with green eyes should pay attention to such colors: light brown, red, honey, Golden blond and light brown. If the eyes are a cold shade of green without any inclusions, you'll like the cool shades colors: silver, pearl, light brown and ash. If the iris is Golden or brown blotches, you'd better choose warm colors, such as: wheat, brown and red. However, remember that dark shades of hair better than light-colored shade and emphasize green eyes.

Advice 4: What hair color suits to gray-blue eye color

Gray-blue eyes combine two colors, indicating that their owner as a contradictory nature. Depending on the saturation of grey or blue tint, the owner of such eyes can be like a delicate violet, and narcissistic despot. But women with gray-blue eyes often interested and harmonious selection of hair color.
What hair color suits to gray-blue eye color

Hair color and blue eyes

Centuries of observation showed that the blue eyes suit any shade of hair, except for a fiery red color. Grey eyes also look harmoniously with any color – but blue eyes a perfect match for the hair of light shades. The most attractive combined with eyes of this color are brown hair that look great even with gray hair.

Stylists do not recommend to immediately change the hair color, adjusting his gray-blue eyes according to the fashion – perhaps the natural color of hair is the most suitable.

The perfect solution is pre-fitting wig any color – this will help to accurately determine the correct selection. You can look at a combination of gray-blue eyes with brown or black hair color, and you can highlight their contrasting warm reddish hue, which set off the cold gray-blue color. Young girls can pick him calm pinkish hue, while older women should pay attention to the gray tones, complemented by coloring with tinted balm.

Selection of color in the skin

When choosing the shade of hair to grey blue eyes definitely need to consider the type of skin. So, the owners of dark storm colored eyes it is advisable to opt for black, brown, rich brown and dark red colours. It should be remembered that the color of paint chosen should not contrast sharply with the natural hair color more than one or two colors.

To dye the hair should have a professional hairdresser who will determine the right shade and the right mix of paint, if several colors are used.

Bliznaci girls with gray-blue eyes absolutely contraindicated silvery tones of the hair that give the appearance inexpressiveness and dullness. The most correct choice for them are copper, caramel, bronze and Golden shades of blonde, combined with a few reddish or chocolate strands. The most beneficial in this case looks a lot of thin strips, which are evenly spaced on the hair using highlighting on the foil. For coloring the individual strands, which accentuate the pale skin and gray-blue eyes, use a mixture of several shades of paint.

Advice 5: What color of hair is more suitable for dark-skinned girls

Thanks to the development of the cosmetic industry women do not have a lifetime to go as nature intended. But the urge to experiment with the appearance sometimes brings girls to the point of absurdity. If you have dark skin, be careful when changing hair color.
What color of hair is more suitable for dark-skinned girls
Nature has created every woman is unique, so are by definition beautiful. If, in an effort to change, to disturb this harmony, you get the opposite of the expected result. Before coloring your hair the red will be useful to determine your color type.

Warm or cold?

To understand what undertone is dark skin, you must observe the more shades you go. Cold type looks more like blue, blue, grey. Women with warm color type to face red, orange, pink, yellow. Neutral colors – white and black look equally good on all.

To pick hair color for dark skin, is to look at veins if they are blue then you have cool undertone, green is warm. To determine the color type can eyes. Typically, holders of the blue and gray eyes gravitate to the cool type, and green-eyed and brown-eyed, to warm.

Hair color for hot dark lady

A win-win hair color for dark skin – it's chocolate. In combination with the warm brown eyes he creates the effect of maligawatte even in women over 40. If black is your favorite, keep in mind that with dark skin looks great coal the pigment but not the color Raven, which is more suited to pale ladies.

Girls with warm color type can afford and muted shades of red – the color of the wood mahogany, Burgundy, chestnut, mocha. If you have green eyes, will be allowed to paint the hair in copper-red or even orange. Just keep in mind that combined with dark skin these colors still look slightly informal. But if you are ready to such experiments, relax in the hands of a professional.

Hair for the dark-complexioned girl with a cold exterior

Such appearance gives a pretty wide scope in the choice of shade of hair. For example, you can even transform into a blonde. Only it is desirable to avoid the shade of Nordic blonde. Your option – dark chestnut brown, silvery blonde, or blonde with blue glow pigment. Light hair color for dark skin will look natural if not to paint the entire hair completely, and be content with the highlights. Do not forget about the traditional dark shades. Darkie cold type are extremely frosty chestnut, light chocolate and deep black. By the way, the creative solution is to give the dark curls the color of eyes – blue, gray, or greenish. It can be done only by a qualified hairdresser, so it is better to go to the salon.

Advice 6: How to discover suitable hair color or not

Girls & women very often scratching their heads over what color of hair to choose. With all the variety of colors so you want to make the right to choose the shade that will impart a unique charm.
How to discover suitable hair color or not
When choosing the colorand the hair stylists advise to pay attention to the skin tone, density of hair and color of eyes. For this purpose even created a special table where women are divided into 4 types: spring, summer, winter and autumn.
Girls spring types is characterized by bright, almost transparent, skin, light eyes (light green, light cyan, yellow, light - dark brown), peachy blush. Often freckles. Natural color hair - Golden - blonde to light brown. If you want to change, choose paint for the hair warm colors, they are suitable for that type. This all means with a reddish tint, from copper to dark brown.
How to find suitable <strong>color</strong> <b>hair</b> or not
Summer girl is light skin and eyes. But, in contrast to the spring type, color of eyes bowl light blue, blue - green, gray - blue. Brown eyes also occur. Natural color hair - from ash blonde to medium - brown. Such women are cold all the color ofa paint for hair. Purple shade, light brown, mahogany - this palette is worth a try.
How to find suitable <strong>color</strong> <b>hair</b> or not
Girls autumn as well as spring, are warm colors. By nature they are often copper - coloured, with a transparent white, or, conversely, with a yellowish shade of skin. Eye color, from light blue to brown. Paint for hair it is better to choose close to your natural color. Try shades from light copper, honey, to dark brown. These colors will add freshness to your skin and accentuate natural beauty.
How to find suitable <strong>color</strong> <b>hair</b> or not
The girl-type "winter" for the most part, burning brunettes. Skin color from very light, almost white, to beige. Eyes cool colors - blue, grey, turquoise. So how to make from brunette blonde without damaging the hairs very difficult, try the paint on 1 - 2 shades lighter than the natural shade of hair. Any cool shades from light brown to the coloras "dark chocolate" will be for you to face.
How to find suitable <strong>color</strong> <b>hair</b> or not
The choice of colorand hair, of course, important. But it is also very important paint and the hairdresser whom you trust your head. Trust only well-known cosmetic brands and try to find a professional stylist who will not spoil the appearance.

Advice 7: What determines the color of the eyes.

Eyes- "chameleon" - a phenomenon that occurs not so rarely. They are special because it can change its color depending on weather conditions, illumination, environment color, clothes. Eyes-"chameleons is not a disease but a feature of the body some people.
What determines the color of the eyes.

Eyes-"chameleons": the causes of the phenomenon

Eye color depends on the amount of melanin present in the iris. The amount is determined by heredity. When a large content of the eyes will be dark with a small light. The albinos this substance is completely absent, their eyes become transparent. Scientists have found that in the iris-"chameleons" in addition to melanin contains natural coloring pigment. It can be of three types: turquoise, gray-green, gray-blue. This phenomenon refers to the individual characteristics of a person, such as hair color. Its nature is still not fully understood.
A certain eye color of the child, there only three years.

There are times when the eyes change color from any disease, in such cases the iris becomes yellow. You should also be wary if a person's eyes always had a single color and in a short period much it changed. In this case, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

How to change eye color-"chameleon"

Eye color-"chameleon" may vary from the color of the environment, time of day, brightness of illumination, circumstances, state of health and even the mood of the person. Changes can occur several times a day, the color changes simultaneously in both eyes. In most cases, eyes-chameleons change their tint from lighter to darker within the same hue. For example, in cloudy weather they will be gray-blue, with a clear bright blue , while neutral - blue-transparent.

It is believed that the owners of the eyes-"chameleons" have a changeable nature, they are disorganized and indecisive. However, they easily adapt to life difficulties and are able to survive in the most improbable circumstances. Such people tend not to be seen, but, nevertheless, will go in the right direction.
People having eyes-"chameleons", is not endowed with some special properties despite the fact that many believe these people psychic.

Makeup for eyes-"chameleon"

The girls having eyes-"chameleons", it is usually difficult to choose the right makeup. In this case, it is recommended to use the most soft, light colors eye shadow which will emphasize the unusual appearance and will draw attention to beautiful eyes. If the iris color is dominated by gray shades, you can use the darker shades ("steel", "graphite") with a greenish tint in makeup should prevail fall colors (copper, yellow, red), you can add the color "cocoa", "chocolate". It is not necessary to choose bright colors, most often they are not suitable even for those who have eyes have permanent color.
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