Advice 1: What hair color suits to gray-blue eyes?

Due to the presence of pigment in the iris, color eyes people different. In the world you can meet the representatives of the human race with different eyes: green, brown, blue, blue. Any version of the painting "mirror of the soul" in its own beautiful and unique.
What hair color suits to gray-blue eyes?
Gray-blue eye color is one of the oldest shades of the iris. Interestingly, the gene for blue colour is dominant, so in the world of blue-eyed people are much more than the owners eye all the other shades.

A bit of psychology

If you listen carefully to the name of the shade of grey — blue, it's hard not to notice that it consists of two colors: grey and blue. And, therefore, the owners of the eyes of this beautiful hue — people are contradictory and inconsistent. Their mood can change at the speed of thought and beyond internal control. With the same speed change and the desire of owners of gray-blue eyes, the shade of which, depending on the lighting, color of clothing and other causes, can range from blue to dark gray.

It is not surprising that girls and women with such eyes often enough to want to change something in their appearance. Most people change the appearance of start with the hairstyle or hair color. What hair color is most beneficial accentuate blue eyes?

How to choose hair color for grey blue eyes

Usually natural hair color and eye color of the person are a perfect combination. However, if there is an internal discomfort and the woman feels the need to change the hair color or make them a little brighter, then simply dye the hair selected color.
To gray-blue eyes fits virtually any hair color cool shade.

The most widespread and common variant is the combination of the described eye color with blond hair. And here it is possible to opt for different bright colors: wheat, brown, ash. All depends on the willingness of each individual member of the fairer sex.

The type of appearance plays a role in this issue. So, women with gray-blue eyes can have both light and dark skin. Fair-skinned girls often colouring the iris is light gray-blue hue. Therefore, they are best suited blonde hair.

But dark-skinned ladies, with eyes of a deep rich gray-blue hue, it is better to give preference hair coloring in dark colors: black, chestnut, dark brown.
When painting, try not to use the hints more than 2 shades different from the natural color of hair.

From time immemorial, people always pay attention to the human eye. So wisely about the choice of makeup and shade of hair to accentuate the depth of the look.

Advice 2 : What hair color suits to gray-blue eye color

Gray-blue eyes combine two colors, indicating that their owner as a contradictory nature. Depending on the saturation of grey or blue tint, the owner of such eyes can be like a delicate violet, and narcissistic despot. But women with gray-blue eyes often interested and harmonious selection of hair color.
What hair color suits to gray-blue eye color

Hair color and blue eyes

Centuries of observation showed that the blue eyes suit any shade of hair, except for a fiery red color. Grey eyes also look harmoniously with any color – but blue eyes a perfect match for the hair of light shades. The most attractive combined with eyes of this color are brown hair that look great even with gray hair.

Stylists do not recommend to immediately change the hair color, adjusting his gray-blue eyes according to the fashion – perhaps the natural color of hair is the most suitable.

The perfect solution is pre-fitting wig any color – this will help to accurately determine the correct selection. You can look at a combination of gray-blue eyes with brown or black hair color, and you can highlight their contrasting warm reddish hue, which set off the cold gray-blue color. Young girls can pick him calm pinkish hue, while older women should pay attention to the gray tones, complemented by coloring with tinted balm.

Selection of color in the skin

When choosing the shade of hair to grey blue eyes definitely need to consider the type of skin. So, the owners of dark storm colored eyes it is advisable to opt for black, brown, rich brown and dark red colours. It should be remembered that the color of paint chosen should not contrast sharply with the natural hair color more than one or two colors.

To dye the hair should have a professional hairdresser who will determine the right shade and the right mix of paint, if several colors are used.

Bliznaci girls with gray-blue eyes absolutely contraindicated silvery tones of the hair that give the appearance inexpressiveness and dullness. The most correct choice for them are copper, caramel, bronze and Golden shades of blonde, combined with a few reddish or chocolate strands. The most beneficial in this case looks a lot of thin strips, which are evenly spaced on the hair using highlighting on the foil. For coloring the individual strands, which accentuate the pale skin and gray-blue eyes, use a mixture of several shades of paint.

Advice 3 : What color hair fits amber eyes

"There is no limit to perfection!" - so I say to myself women, buying another lip gloss or trying a new shampoo. A variety of cosmetic products on the shelves allows that with his looks all sorts of experiments. But in order for the result of using cosmetic innovations did not disappoint, you need to have some idea if, for example, your amber eyes your chosen shade of paint for the hair.
What color hair fits amber eyes
In our days, as never before, the rich range of means by which a woman can make herself more beautiful and to change their appearance given the wardrobe, the environment, and just mood. Eyeshadow, lipstick, bronzer and hilitary for skin, colouring shampoos and hair dye, and permanent makeup, false eyelashes, changing eye color lenses and naroscheny strands of hair – all of these accessories have long ceased to be something exotic. Despite this, many women still can't figure out how to emphasize the natural beauty, for example – what color hair is best suited to amber eyes?

Amber eyes color – what color type?

First of all, you need to determine which type is the owner of the amber eye color. It can be attributed to the so-called "warm" color, therefore, will have to choose between colortype "spring" or "autumn". With high probability, the girl with eyes the color of amber is "spring girl". This appearance is characterized primarily by skin with warm peach or Golden tint, and skin tone can be quite bright and not very dark.

Hair belonging to the complexion girls by nature have a copper color or dark brown or chestnut colour. And in many cases it is the natural color of the hair is ideal for girls, but sometimes really worth it to make it more intense or change the shade of hair a few shades. Can't do without coloring the hair and those women who are suffering from appearing in his mane of gray hair.

What hair color will suit amber eyes?

If you weighed all the "pros" and "cons" and actually believe that without the hair dye you can not do, then your amber eyes and skin the warm shade, ideal bright red and copper hair color. These shades will enhance your natural beauty and will make an unusual color of your eyes even more profound. You should avoid only pale-red hair, which is able to make you look pale and unhealthy.

A huge number of girls prefer to wear light color hair. If you like when the mirror looks at you beautiful blonde, then choose a Golden or honey, but in any case not platinum blonde – it absolutely will not work.

How could you not like shiny Raven hair on other girls, in any case, do not paint your hair black. It can make you, if not unattractive, at least nondescript. In addition, you will be quite hard to get rid of the black pigment on their hair.
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