In accordance with the person's appearance, colors are divided into four groups, which the stylists were given a title. Correctly determine your color type, and the results will surprise you. Color palette accentuate your individuality, will enliven the face and perfectly complement the natural shades.
To start, determine your natural palette: hair color, skin color of the face, lips, eyes. To do this, carefully examine your looks in daylight. Remove hair from the face, you better tie a handkerchief, neutral colors, clean the face of makeup and look carefully at your reflection in the mirror.
Determine what shades has your skin: it is yellow, pale blue or olive? Hair have a bluish, gray-brown or red glow? So you determine what colors predominate in your appearance: warm or cold.
Next, pick up a few scarves of different colors. Alternately applying different shades to the face, determine which color suits you more and which one is not suitable. Just be sure to step back from their tastes. Sometimes people confuse, and instead of shades, they go, pick the ones they like the best.
Having conducted such research, you will identify your predominant colours. If you fit cooler shades, so your the type of Winter or Summer. If a closer is warm, then you are Spring or Autumn. For more specific clarification remember, muted tones typical of Autumn or Summer, bright in Spring and Winter, light – mainly the Spring and Summer, dark Autumn and Winter. Having defined all these parameters, you clearly establish your type of appearance. And according to him and pick up clothes.
Note that the spring type is more suitable white and red, winter – white, black and dark blue, autumn green, terracotta, olive, and Burgundy and shades of pastel. For a more striking effect, try to choose monochromatic shades. They are visually stretches your body and make you slimmer.
Of course, each color has many shades. But selecting the right type, you will gradually learn how to find exactly what you need. And to better navigate in creating color combinations and follow the latest fashion collections top designers.