Black with blue or brown tint accentuates the wonderful green eyes, making the look deep and bright. This option is best suited to bold girls who are not afraid of radical change. Woman with green eyes and black hair will not go unnoticed. But don't be surprised if by going for this option, will acquire the reputation of a femme fatale: the same image is able to impress. Makeup in this case be careful: choose a soft neutral, pastel colors.
Dark chocolate or chestnut. If dark-haired green-eyed woman is able to confuse its brightness and boldness, chestnut, chocolate hair color with green eyes makes the image more calm. Green combined with brown colors is calming and it does not seem boring. This combination will bring into your image of noble elegance.
Dark brown cold or dark ash shades. Neutral option. Selecting it in the green eyes, you will not play on contrasts. Muted combinations are the favorite for women and girls with a calm nature, not seeking for adventure and change. Ideal for those who are afraid to look vulgar, for example when outstanding forms, with the love of skimpy clothes and bright make-up ashy shades will act as a neutralizing factor.
Blonde, whatever it was: sand, walnut, Scandinavian - with green eyes is consistently good, especially if you want to create easy, attractive and inviting to his way. Blonde with green eyes always have a chance to show its beauty to the world: enough to properly combine colors in makeup and to take care of your skin, as this combination of shades all the defects on the skin will be hard to stand out.
"Dangerous" colors: copper, red, Burgundy, plum and all shades of red, purple or orange tint. These combinations are good only in a natural way: then nature itself will take care of that skin tone, eye color and hair harmony. In all other cases, the owners of green eyes should be attentive to these colors, because they possess the mystical ability to make young girls older and younger women after forty years. These colors are good for older women, as visually smooth out age-related changes.