Often the desire to change and to try something completely new makes many of us dream about color, and absolutely opposite to our natural. If you finally decided to vary our tips will help you to choose the right hair color.

1. If the staining you are a beginner, start with unstable paints. They usually washed a few times, and here is proof, on the contrary, remain with you forever.

2. When choosing the color never refer to the drawings on the box – check the shades on samples from the catalog.

3. The majority of shades are either to cold or to warm. If you have dark eyes and olive or dark Golden skin, your warm. Women of the cold type of skin is fair and eyes are green or blue.

4. Always choose a color that suits. The representatives of the warm type, it is better to give preference to shades of bronze and caramel. Try to avoid black – it will make you unattractive, but to bright Golden shades, too, not strive – they are hair can become orange.

5. Want to know, will you blonde? The rule is simple: light hair ideal for all those who they were in childhood.

6. The copper shade is not suitable for those who have warm skin color – it will look sharp. You should choose a more warm tone. If your natural color is chestnut, but you want to be a blonde, do not choose a very light tone. Better make highlights for more contrast. But be aware that dark colors and bright so much better accentuate hazel or green eyes.

7. Red hair color can afford almost every, it is important to find the right shade.

8. To cover the gray, use a lighter unstable paint or dye matching your natural tone.

9. Do not attempt to repaint the cardinal on their own. If you irrevocably decide to change, do it in the salon. Barbers will not only help you to choose the hair color as accurate as possible, but will make staining more efficiently.