If you have brown eyesbut, you should choose shades of brown, Golden and copper colors. Pitch selection in this case depends largely on the colorof your skin and how dark your eyes. For dark brown eyes and dark skin, good all dark shades of listed colors, which will enhance the beauty of your face and make the appearance more natural.
If you have fair skin, it is best to choose Netanya shades of caramel and copper. If you have fair skin and hazel eyesand close to the color of sand color, you will go pale shades of tan, caramel and chestnut. Girls with brown eyesAMI you should avoid bright colors for hair, otherwise the image will seem unnatural and inharmonious.
For those who have green eyesand fit bright paint of the same colours, and Kareeye's. Will look great hairstyles Golden, rich brown, vibrant red and copper shades. Bright color hair will emphasize your individuality, brightness and expressiveness of the eyes, attract attention and make your looks irresistible.
When choosing colorand blueeyesgirls's important to determine what colorotipo concerns your appearance. If your eyes aredark and saturated colorand close to blue or cyan, and the skin is pink or brown, then you belong to warm colorto otipo. Will suit darker or bright shades such as chestnut, Golden, copper or red color. If you have light eyesand pale skin, it is best to choose the cold shades of blonde or ash color.
For those who have grey eyesand are suitable for almost any shade of hair dye. But if you want to look natural and harmonious, choose tones depending on your colorof atipa. For the people who belong to the warmer type, fit chestnut, red, copper tones and caramel. Those who apply to melee type – blonde, ash and black. But if you have uneven skin, have wrinkles, scars or acne, it is best to avoid black hair.
Choosing color to hair, keep in mind all the details of her appearance, from the colorand the skin and eyes to growth and fullness figure. In addition, think about how a new color of hair will fit your lifestyle and environment.