Nature has created every woman is unique, so are by definition beautiful. If, in an effort to change, to disturb this harmony, you get the opposite of the expected result. Before coloring your hair the red will be useful to determine your color type.

Warm or cold?

To understand what undertone is dark skin, you must observe the more shades you go. Cold type looks more like blue, blue, grey. Women with warm color type to face red, orange, pink, yellow. Neutral colors – white and black look equally good on all.

To pick hair color for dark skin, is to look at veins if they are blue then you have cool undertone, green is warm. To determine the color type can eyes. Typically, holders of the blue and gray eyes gravitate to the cool type, and green-eyed and brown-eyed, to warm.

Hair color for hot dark lady

A win-win hair color for dark skin – it's chocolate. In combination with the warm brown eyes he creates the effect of maligawatte even in women over 40. If black is your favorite, keep in mind that with dark skin looks great coal the pigment but not the color Raven, which is more suited to pale ladies.

Girls with warm color type can afford and muted shades of red – the color of the wood mahogany, Burgundy, chestnut, mocha. If you have green eyes, will be allowed to paint the hair in copper-red or even orange. Just keep in mind that combined with dark skin these colors still look slightly informal. But if you are ready to such experiments, relax in the hands of a professional.

Hair for the dark-complexioned girl with a cold exterior

Such appearance gives a pretty wide scope in the choice of shade of hair. For example, you can even transform into a blonde. Only it is desirable to avoid the shade of Nordic blonde. Your option – dark chestnut brown, silvery blonde, or blonde with blue glow pigment. Light hair color for dark skin will look natural if not to paint the entire hair completely, and be content with the highlights. Do not forget about the traditional dark shades. Darkie cold type are extremely frosty chestnut, light chocolate and deep black. By the way, the creative solution is to give the dark curls the color of eyes – blue, gray, or greenish. It can be done only by a qualified hairdresser, so it is better to go to the salon.