To put funds on the monetary account, it must first be opened. Please contact the nearest branch of the savings Bank. With a sure to bring the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
In the savings Bank go to the window that says "Operations on deposits". In this Department you will help to open foreign currency account.
Give the window the document proving the identity. Tell me, what exactly the account you wish to make. The list view in advance on the official website of the savings Bank of Russia - In addition, to obtain information on deposits, interest rates and the conditions of registration, the employees of the Bank. Of leaflets located at the information desks in the operating room.
Then the employee savings institutions will prepare a contract for the provision of services for foreign currency deposits. Read it carefully. On the last page for your signature. One copy will be kept in the Bank files, the other will stay with you.
After signing the contract the employee will create for you a new personal account and open a foreign exchange contribution. The minimum amount that must be paid depends on the terms of the agreement. Usually it is not less than fifty dollars.
To put currency on account of the same Bank cashier. Before this Manager, who designed the contribution, I'll give you a token number. Hand it to the cashier and name the amount you want to Deposit. Count the required amount of funds and pass them to the Bank employee. It will print credit and debit order (check) stating the amount of the contribution. This document held all the RAaccountbut cash operations. Sign it, carefully checking passport information. Data order can later use to prove your identity. Any discrepancy may result in problems with getting money from the currency account.