Most owners own a parcel pleased to put it on the tree. This tree is not only evergreen, but it is very typical for the Russian landscape and for registration of a piece of land in landscape style will fit just perfect. But not each plot area allows you to do it.

What kind of tree to plant in the country

Spruce belongs to the pine family – tree large, crown narrow, conical, straight trunk. The breeders have selected many varieties for different kinds of needles, different shapes and heights, so when you run a landscape composition you can choose from a large number of options. How many centimeters per year a tree grows depends on conditions, terrain, and from selected varieties.
In the development of the composition must take into account that planted the tree long to be small and beautiful. After a few years she will take much more space than at first.

If you wish to Refine site evergreen tree should not be planted dug in the nearby woods. First, it's illegal, secondly, transplanting wild trees will lead to the fact that in a few years your yard will not grow maintenka beautiful tree and widely ramified uncomfortable monster, whose lower part of the trunk, however, will be naked.

A great alternative is to choose something refined varieties on which worked breeders. This can be a canadian tree, blue spruce, or blue, Serbian spruce. These varieties are well suited for life in the climate of Central and quite nice in appearance.

How fast growing trees

Young firs grow slowly. The first time they will be able to reach only a few centimeters per year. Later, when the plant is already well established, if the soil is suitable for him and light enough, the tree will begin to grow faster in the year the increase is from 8 to 50 cm, of Course, these are averages. Dwarf varieties, grow slowly.

In order to gain in length of one meter, the tree takes about seven years. Here we have in mind that the tree will grow "from scratch". If you do not go to extremes and buy conventional planting a sapling about five feet, an excellent tree with good height will increase by about 10-12 years.

If the site is small, it is better to choose a dwarf spruce. Typically, these types of have a beautiful shape of the crown and on small plots look very good. A year they grow about 3-5 cm.
In order to gain growth, of ornamental dwarf spruce, we need more time.

In the period when the plant only survives in the area, it needs careful care. It is necessary to carry out the additional forage, watering, particularly if the climatic conditions differ from ideal or turned out to be a dry summer. In the spring, some varieties need protection from the sun.