A mighty tree called Quercus belongs to the genus of deciduous trees belonging to the Fagaceae family. Sheets is simple, lobed, toothed, and sometimes single cut, shape and size of which depends on subspecies. The tree blooms in April-may, its flowers are quite small and inconspicuous. Fruits acorns. Moreover, before beginning to bear fruit trees growing on open area. The oak is quite unpretentious, although light, undemanding to the soil, drought-resistant and winter-hardy.

Shaping wood

The species composition of the oak is very wide. In temperate, subtropical and tropical zones of the Northern hemisphere, there are about 450 species of this beautiful representative of the plant world. Of which in Russia is slightly less than 20, the Caucasus and the far East – more than 40.

Propagated tree acorns. It is important to note that germination of the acorn is saved only until the next spring. Let sprout, young shoot is in no hurry to ubiratsya in force, and for the first year reaches a height of not more than 10 cm. Growth over the next few years is even slower. But in 10 years the annual growth of the tree becomes more visible – up to 35 centimeters. Such a small increase kompensiruet duration of growth of up to 120, or even 200 years. Moreover, the growth after 80 years is slowing slightly but not stopping. During this period, the most intensively growing crown and thickens the trunk. When growth in height ceases, crown and stem remains are absorbed into force.

Reproduction and regeneration

The first fruits of the oak begins to make quite late, already in the 40 – 60 years. And grew up in a dense forest the tree starts to bear fruit later.

Felled or cut down by the oak quite well resumed the young shoots, which grows from the stump. Most of the residents of the oaks of this origin. Such trees different from growing up from an acorn in their appearance. They are below, and the trunks at the base are curved.

If we talk about the longevity of oak, it is quite significant – as much as 500 years. This is not the limit. In Ukraine, not far from Zaparozhe grows giant, which has 800 years. Russian bogatyrs-centenarians in the grove in Kolomenskoye – peers of the capital. It's hard to imagine that they saw these giants in my lifetime, what stories have passed them by.