The record for growth are plants of the family Cereals. Growing the best known representative of this family is the bamboo. Because of the peculiarities of growth and division of cells of these plants, during the day, the stem can grow almost a meter.
Most people, far from botany, the word "bamboo" Bamboo are of the ordinary with its elbow guns, Solomin, who is a frequent visitor of the Botanical gardens and recreational areas in our latitudes. But despite this, just this and doesn't occupy a leading position in growth.
The greatest rate of growth has thorny or spiny bamboo (Bambusa Vulgaris Bamboo). On the day his height is 91 cm differs spiky ribbed barrel up to 40 m in height and thin linear leaves with a length of about 20 cm, This plant has a commercial value. In particular, in China and India it is obtained from paper, used in construction, medicine and even cooking. For decorative purposes the thorny bamboo grow in small containers. As a houseplant, it can grow up to 2-2,5 m in height.
Also high speed of growth differs a close relative of bamboo – bamboo litocolorit. Every day the growth of this plant up to 40 cm in length, which is about 1.7 cm per hour. Thus, litocolorit very quickly (within several months) grows to its maximum height of 30 m. the Plant has stems with a length of 6-18 m and diameter up to 50 cm Leaves of chistokolenko oblong-lanceolate 8-17 see the Young plant has a distinctive bright blue-green color, and the Mature – yellow. Litocolorit bamboo is widely distributed in the tropics of Asia, Africa, Europe and America.
If bamboo is a fast growing perennial woody grass, it is a full tree with fast growth is the eucalyptus. In the first year of life this tree reaches a height up to 2 m, in three years, his height – about 10 m, and at ten years of age at the height it reaches 25 m. Eucalyptus is known for its disinfecting properties and the ability to drain the marshes.
Among fungi also have their Champions of growth. The palm occupies Veselka ordinary. The growth rate of this fungus is 5 mm per minute, which is almost twice exceeds the growth rate of bamboo. His hat rises above the ground. Fruit body Veselka vulgaris are consumed as processed and raw. In folk medicine, this mushroom is used to treat gout and enhance potency.