Wait until early spring as this time of year are pine trees take root better.
Choose a location to transplant spruce on the site. It should be in the shade and be no closer than 10-15 metres from the house and other buildings.
A closer look at the woods the young fir tree, preferably a height of about one meter. If the selected tree above, mark its southern side, tying thread strip of cloth.
Pre-dig the plot hole of the desired size, the roots housed freely. For saplings taller than a meter pit should be the depth of about 70 cm and about 1 meter in diameter.
To transplant a spruce tree without much damage to the tree, wait for suitable weather. Optimal conditions for transplantation – air temperature is +13-15 degrees and humid air (drizzle).
Dig the spruce and carefully put her on her side. Under the roots of a tree podstolice a piece of cotton fabric measuring approximately 0.5 by 0.5 m. Carefully tie the ends in pairs to the roots of the tree was inside the cloth "bag".
Move the tree to the intended transplant site.
Prepare a hole for planting a tree. Sprinkle the bottom of fallen needles or sawdust, sand and mineral fertilizers (e.g., potassium chloride). If the soil in your yard is acidic, can be restricted to sand. It is also good to put on the bottom of several granite stones that will act as drainage.
If you want to transplant a fir tree over a meter in height, make sure when planting it in the pit was observed orientation to the cardinal points. This will help you previously tied a piece of cloth on the southern side of the crown.
Dip the roots of the tree in the hole, with the fabric – it should not remove or untie. This is done in order to keep intact rootlets.
Bury the roots with soil, gently tamping it. Be careful when landing was not recessed root collar: it should be 5-10 cm above ground level.
Liberally pour the tree and ensure that the soil around it from drying out.