Advice 1: How to trim a spruce tree

Need landscape design, as well as safety standards, for example, for laying of overhead transmission lines, often force the land owners to carry out work on tree pruning. It is unfortunate happens conifers that grow slowly and serve as a real decoration of the site, so biologists are advised to carry a decorative trim to the tree.
How to trim a spruce tree
Spruce respond well to pruning, so if you don't want conifers grow tall, just cut from time to time the top of them. After this, the tree will form many new shoots will grow in breadth. Ordinary, not well maintained spruces have a conical shape, formed can form a ball, rook, and some species can even creep. Spruce should be cut once a year. Pruning can be sanitary or decorative.
When conducting sanitary pruning inspect the tree to identify patients and dry branches. It is most convenient to do it in April when it appears and becomes noticeable fresh shoots. Using sharp secateurs cut enhanced dry branches and those that messed up during the growth, otherwise inside the joint formed by the fungus that destroys wood from the inside. Thick branches speel with a hacksaw, and environments treat the garden pitch. Such an operation can be considered a weed, as it rids the tree of all the excess, it helps light to penetrate deeper into the crown, has a General beneficial effect on the tree.
During pruning decorative tree pruning certain parts of the branches for the formation of the desired shape and decorative appearance. This method of cutting is very similar to creating forms of decorative fences. You can even resort to using special tools (clawed scissors) instead of pruning shears, work which in this case will be very slow. Do not worry about what the tree at first will not look too thick, in place of the lopped branches will soon grow new shoots. Unlike sanitary, ornamental pruning experts advise to hold at the beginning of summer, because at this time the shoots are slow to grow.
It is also necessary to consider the basic technology of trimming off the excess parts. The growth of the top of the tree dominates the growth of side branches. Cut off side branches and remove the extra part of the healthy branches to create a dense crown. Remember that place saw cut branches should be treated with special lubrication, especially the lower branches. Be sure to select the right tools to avoid damaging the wood, do not use blunt scissors and those are covered by rust. Also mention the features of ate, as the growth of its branches somewhat different from the arrangement of the branches of the other trees.

Advice 2: How to trim a Christmas tree

Spruce – evergreen tree of the pine family with a conical crown. In the same way as other trees, fir is needed from time to time subjected to pruning, especially because she carries it very well – instead of the cut down the top of the head is usually formed several new branches.
How to trim a Christmas tree
You will need
  • The pruner.
Spruce pruning is of two types – sanitary and decorative. It is recommended to spend once a year - from late June to mid-July. During this period, the shoots of a tree ceases to grow, and after cutting eliminates the appearance of new secondary shoots.
During a sanitary trim removing all the damaged, dry, broken, twisted and hanging down branches and coppice shoots are removed. Developing a beautiful, ventilated and pervious to light evenly chart.
When pruning branches, aging or dry tops of capture and living part of the wood. If the branch is dried completely, cut it at the base.
Conducting sanitary treatment of wood, please note the location of the branches. Be sure to trim small shoots in the crown were eating, sticking up at a right or acute angle. Growing, they can reach the same wood thickness, and a strong wind to break, leaving a nasty chip, spoiling the appearance of the tree.
Made cuts exceeding 1.5 cm in diameter, should be left just like that. Such a wound can get contaminated with bacteria and cause various fungal diseases that can even lead to complete drying of the whole tree. To prevent this, spread the slice with pine tar, which emit fir.
If broken-top spruce, trim the broken branch to the underlying. And then straighten past straight up so that it was a continuation of the trunk, and secure it to the rail.
Decorative trim eating is a real art. It formed a beautiful crown of the tree. To create the perfect conical shape each tier is usually made shorter than the lower one-third. Decorative trim must take place in conjunction with sanitary.
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