No matter how the fashion house insisted on short haircuts, men remain conservative in this question. The vast majority of the representatives of the stronger sex like hair length from mid-back to waist. In second place are the fans of extremely long hair – waist and longer. The third – the fans of the hair length from the shoulders to mid back. By a wide margin are fans of short female hairstyles.

As shown by numerous surveys, men prefer healthy, shiny and beautiful hair. Fans of split ends and dull, washed out colors at 0%. With regard to the structure of hair – most men prefer girls with curly hair, owners of so-called art waves. In second place – straight hair. The third place is occupied ladies with tight curls. However, the beauty of all hair is lost, if their structure is painful.

It is believed that all active gentlemen prefer blondes. It is not so. Hair color in equal parts split the gentlemen who prefer brown hair and brown hair. In second place – the burning brunette and blonde. On the third red – haired beauty. With regard to the different extreme colors colored and color – fans of the extreme units. By the way, natural grey hair men like much more than painted in different colors.

In the first place by a wide margin are fans of hairstyles on the basis of loose hair. In the second place the hair in a ponytail and braid. The third – hairstyles based on short hair. As for the compound of hairstyles – fans of the masterpieces of hairdressers a little. This also applies to hairstyles with the abundant use of styling products. Hair drenched in foam and press varnish, like only professionals.