Another ten or fifteen years ago, modesty was considered an unconditional virtue. "Modesty adorns the girl," - said at the time, but there were always girls, and men too, who retorted: "When there are no more decorations." In the modern world has strengthened the view that modesty, by contrast, can only hinder the achievement of their goals. So is modesty a plus for girls?

The reasons why guys like modest girls

There is an opinion that from a modest and shy girl will make an ideal wife. First of all, shy doesn't like to attract everyone's attention, thus she won't provoke fits of jealousy from your boyfriend. In addition, it is believed that modest women go to a club and noisy sit-round gathering till the morning prefer a leisurely evening at home reading the book and baking the cake. It's not like a serious young man, focused on the comfort of home.

Prude indifferent to shopping – this is quite a controversial thesis put forward men who think modest girls are very attractive. Besides saving money blowing beauty will descend on dresses-shoes-stockings, shy, and will devote all his spare time to something more useful – studying, working, settling down, finally.

A decisive argument in choosing a life partner, which is made between more and less modest girls, is the fact that often prude for a long time remain virgins. Thus, it is likely that you will find his lady first and only man that, of course, can not fail to flatter the male ego.

Reasons why guys don't like modest girls

Many self-sufficient men uninteresting girls who are too modest, shy and not confident. These girls are not able to take the initiative in any matter, and even in those cases when it comes from men, they just blush, turn pale and turn away. Particularly acute is manifested in intimate relationships, at least when they only start.

Often young people want not only to be confident in the fact that his girlfriend is the best, but to get confirmation of this from others. The young man may be pleased to see that his girl pay attention, stop her look; and some envy from their own friends right after raises his self-esteem. Of course, catchy and confident girl attracts the attention of others to a much greater extent than modest demure.

Actually there is no " right answer to the question about what a girl attractive to guys, whether modest or relaxed. Each person has their own preferences based on particular life experiences. It is important to remember that all humans have "half" - the same man, perfect in all respects. It is important only not to miss the moment when you will meet that person.