Advice 1: Do guys like modest girls

Growing up, she begins to doubt what her parents had told. It asks a lot of questions, and one of the most difficult of these is the question of whether guys like modest girls? Do different people have different opinions about this.
Modest girl has a special appeal
Another ten or fifteen years ago, modesty was considered an unconditional virtue. "Modesty adorns the girl," - said at the time, but there were always girls, and men too, who retorted: "When there are no more decorations." In the modern world has strengthened the view that modesty, by contrast, can only hinder the achievement of their goals. So is modesty a plus for girls?

The reasons why guys like modest girls

There is an opinion that from a modest and shy girl will make an ideal wife. First of all, shy doesn't like to attract everyone's attention, thus she won't provoke fits of jealousy from your boyfriend. In addition, it is believed that modest women go to a club and noisy sit-round gathering till the morning prefer a leisurely evening at home reading the book and baking the cake. It's not like a serious young man, focused on the comfort of home.

Prude indifferent to shopping – this is quite a controversial thesis put forward men who think modest girls are very attractive. Besides saving money blowing beauty will descend on dresses-shoes-stockings, shy, and will devote all his spare time to something more useful – studying, working, settling down, finally.

A decisive argument in choosing a life partner, which is made between more and less modest girls, is the fact that often prude for a long time remain virgins. Thus, it is likely that you will find his lady first and only man that, of course, can not fail to flatter the male ego.

Reasons why guys don't like modest girls

Many self-sufficient men uninteresting girls who are too modest, shy and not confident. These girls are not able to take the initiative in any matter, and even in those cases when it comes from men, they just blush, turn pale and turn away. Particularly acute is manifested in intimate relationships, at least when they only start.

Often young people want not only to be confident in the fact that his girlfriend is the best, but to get confirmation of this from others. The young man may be pleased to see that his girl pay attention, stop her look; and some envy from their own friends right after raises his self-esteem. Of course, catchy and confident girl attracts the attention of others to a much greater extent than modest demure.

Actually there is no " right answer to the question about what a girl attractive to guys, whether modest or relaxed. Each person has their own preferences based on particular life experiences. It is important to remember that all humans have "half" - the same man, perfect in all respects. It is important only not to miss the moment when you will meet that person.

Advice 2: What the girls pay attention

Dating – the exciting stage of a relationship, deciding their fate. People undoubtedly appreciate each other, form their opinions about the opposite sex. There are several basic points that I draw a girl's attention when they met with a man.
What the girls pay attention

On a first date, a woman must pay attention on the man's face. And if his chin is covered with a scraggly beard, and instead of the hair on the head, there is something strange, this is unlikely to be appreciated. Yes, of course he can say in his defense that adheres to the grunge or something like that, but it is unlikely the guy will cause a lot of sympathy. The approval of his image is only possible if the girl herself prefers a nontraditional approach to appearance and clothing.

Clean, neatly trimmed hair, well-groomed face, fresh breath is all important. However, do not overdo it with the veneer of the girl you took to be representative of sexual minorities. Everything should be in moderation: neat, stylish, masculine.

The next object worthy of attention girls – this is the figure of a man. Women don't like too skinny guys. They don't want to look at their background full. They do not like and men below itself growth, so the society has developed a stereotype. Of course, with such natural data, as height and body Constitution, it is pointless to fight. But even the most thin, a man can significantly develop your muscle mass, choosing a certain way diet and paying attention to bodybuilding. By the way, visiting the gym, in addition to biceps and triceps, don't forget about the gluteal muscles. They are the confessions of women, excite them, no less than the broad shoulders and powerful torso.

Then the girl will draw attention to the neatness of the bearer and other little things. Clean clothes, shiny shoes, a pleasant smell of toilet water – all this will be appreciated. Manicured hands, neatly trimmed nails, without Burr is also very important. After all, a woman, consciously or unconsciously, when you look at your hands to represent how they would caress her. You should pay attention to the smile, she must be genuine and sincere. Remember that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so interested in mysterious business, but with a mischievous lights, a look will be interested in it.

Meeting with the man, the girl be sure to evaluate his behavior. Women are attracted to charismatic, confident men, having a captivating charisma. You should not try to play someone's role, be yourself, but be careful that the girl did not get bored in your company. Estimate of the fair sex, and the man's voice. It should not be squeaky, better with hoarse or manly baritone, sexy and talking about high testosterone levels men. Women love cheerful and sociable men.

Another point that is mostly ignored girls, is men's intelligence. If a guy will only talk about partying and drinking, it is unlikely it will interest a woman. Chat about world travel, the novelties of science, literature, music, sport – all very nice. Smart source has a great advantage over the others. However, be careful that your clever speeches turned into pesky talk about the fact that the girl is not interested. Otherwise, you will receive a label in the back row. Courage, willingness to defend, the gallantry, firmness, wit, and originality in men are welcomed and encouraged.

Advice 3: What guys don't like girls

Some girls push away guys and do not know why. The fact that there are certain feminine qualities and habits that young people can not stand. If you notice some of these characteristics, change the situation to not get in men's black list.
What guys don't like girls


Girls who dress vulgar, vulgar makeup and behave provocatively, rarely seriously like you guys. This image does not imply the presence of true femininity, warmth, and young people looking for partners in these qualities.

If the fair sex does not mince words, swearing, abusing alcohol and smokes, in the eyes of the guy she is either a collection of bad habits, or "the guy". Neither in the first nor in the second case the young man is unable to experience romantic feelings for this person.


Let the mind, it is not important, what is valued in women and men, but his obvious lack of scares men. Women's the stupidity, stupid questions, inappropriate behavior can lead a young man into a rage.

Moodiness and immaturity also don't paint the girls. Some of them mistakenly believe that the way look in the eyes of men princesses. In fact, creating the effect of an ordinary poseur and fool.


There is a special category women-hunters. More the identity of the men they are interested in his financial status. To conquer such of the fair sex can be with expensive gifts, trips and trips to restaurants.

However, guys are much much more perceptive than I think some of the girls. A young man with self-esteem and the desire to find a serious relationship, not to build a Alliance with a Mercantile personality.


Girls, who themselves are hung on the neck of men, not the latter cause neither respect nor the desire to continue the acquaintance on a long term basis. However, it is impregnable "the snow Queen" is also among the favorites of the guys.

A woman who puts himself above all, haughty and inaccessible, just annoying man. To communicate with an arrogant person who by his presence as if doing a favor to the guy, not bring him any pleasure.


"Gray mouse", quiet and inconspicuous, hardly can count on the attention from men. The lack of feminine dresses and the inability to maintain a conversation do these girls not interested for guys.

Men like self-sufficient, diversified women. Full obedience and a desire to dissolve in a loved one a burden and annoying. And the inability to present itself makes the "gray mouse" is not practically attractive for young people.

Advice 4: How not to be shy guys

The older generation likes to talk about what a girl should be modest. However, all should know the measure. Gray mouse sitting on party all night in the area, is unlikely to draw admiring glances fans. If you want to build relationships with young people, need to stop to be shy.
How not to be shy guys
Probably you are not confident in themselves and believe that it is not able to please guys. The roots of these complexes, as most likely to leave in childhood. If you seriously want to work on this problem, it would be better to go to a psychologist. And in the meantime decide what you are missing, to please men. Perhaps you think that you are well-read enough or your clothes are too formal and boring. Start to fix it yourself! Visit your library, change your wardrobe and become an interesting and beautiful girl in your understanding.
Buy a subscription to a fitness club, go to a beauty salon. Even if you just started treatments, and the effect is not visible yet, the very awareness that you take care of yourself will give you confidence. And confident girls like guys.
You can have an interesting conversation, to think of a witty comeback to a joke – but it all only with myself, replaying conversations in your head? Start chatting with guys on the forums. Choose those topics that you understand or that interest you. The pros of communication in the forum is that you can edit your answer or even ignore a message. Trained to communicate with young people on the Internet, you'll be less shy in real life.
If you're desperate and want to get rid of the embarrassment as quickly as possible – jump into the pool with his head. Speak with reports at student's conferences, sing in the karaoke clubs perform at work with new projects, participate in Amateur art activities. After a dozen incidents over which you will be very to survive, you will become more free and liberated.
If the confusion you have is not all the strong half of humanity, but only one particular of its representative, do not hurry to fight with this feeling. Think about whether it's a sign that you are beginning to feel towards him something stronger than friendly affection.
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