First of all, the attention of men are attracted to sexy girls. Thus it is not necessary to think that the notion of sexuality implies the existence of model appearance. Moreover, high and very thin models sometimes do not seem attractive to men. For creating a sexy image is sometimes rather languid look, sensual, slightly ajar lips and well-matched clothes, flattering.
Men like mysterious girls. They just want to unravel the hidden mystery in them. So do not just tell the chosen one all the details of your life. Ideally, even with a fairly close acquaintance, a girl needs to retain an element of mystery.
Moreover, you should pay attention to their behavior. Men, worthy of attention, prefer no less worthy ladies, which is distinguished by intelligence and good manners. And it is absolutely not necessary to insert into their speech language, especially profanity.
Most men like an independent and motivated women. With infantile, do not have their own interests and life goals lady young man will soon become boring.
Kinda old fashioned as it may seem, men still prefer the good Housewives. If the girl is an excellent cook, keeps the house clean and tidy, it is much more likely to find a soul mate whose the one for whom economic concerns are constantly sidelined. In addition, men want to feel cared about yourself. They need someone ironed them to the shirt, washed socks, nursed when they are sick, did a lot of other nice and useful things.
Despite the fact that most of the men smoke, drink alcohol, I like to go to bars and other entertainment facilities, they prefer a non-drinker, non-smoker and tending to hearth and home girls. So in order to please men, it is necessary to abandon bad habits.
At all times the actual truth is that we like those who like us. Therefore, you should show interest and sympathy for the man, it will be flatter and, most likely, will cause a response of sympathy.
Not to cost to forget about the fact that men prefer women with well-developed sense of humor. Well, if she will laugh at his jokes, he certainly will not remain indifferent.