Brunette or blonde?

Arguing about who attracts more men, you will notice that the results of different sociological surveys are completely different, and the scales on which you can put blondes and brunettes, are inclined in one direction and then the other. Men have their own tastes and preferences, some try to have a relationship with the dark girls, others prefer Busty blondes. However, there are some myths about the appearance and color of the hair of the fairer sex.

Psychologists believe that when dealing with blondes men begin to change. They have reduced the level of IQ and performance, slows down brain activity, and the desire to do crazy things for the sake of his blond sweetheart overshadow reason. Other researches in relation to dark-haired women, show a high level of intelligence, mental abilities, domesticity and femininity these ladies.

Myths about blondes and brunettes

The first myth says that blondes are more willing to take on the job. In fact, statistics shows that brunettes make much more success in your career. 76% of people think the dark hair is an indicator of the presence of mind. Dark-haired beauties are more seriously perceived by workers and companies, achieve high positions and earn decently. 30% of respondents men-chiefs say with confidence that they are ready to give brunettes leadership positions for blondes voted only 7% of men. However, the majority of managers of firms believe that hair color does not affect human performance.

The next myth says that blondes are luckier in love. This position has its explanation. It is believed that blonde women receive a higher amount of the hormone estrogen, but despite this, surveys show that brunettes in matters of love and happiness ahead of blondes by 10%. Proceeding from these data we can conclude that men still prefer serious women than fair-haired beauty. However, with regard to questions of creation of family and marriage, such reasoning guys not pay attention to hair color or other external indicators of the girl, and look at her character, habits and behavior.