Suddenly ill, people often start to be treated in haste, drinking a large dose of various cough and cold remedies, which only temporarily relieves symptoms. An alternative method of treatment is the acceptance of alcohol.

Therapists believe that a very popular method of mixing the alcohol with coffee is actually in no way useful, because it can improve only the physical condition. After the drink is consumed, you will get an imaginary sense of comfort and warmth. At the same time, blood vessels expand, what do you need such a weakened body. Full recovery with this treatment is not followed.

How to be treated?

If you started cold and there is low temperatures, you should have 50-70 grams of cognac and sit in a warm bath. Cognac is drunk in small SIPS, and be sure to seize him lemon, he the common cold is very useful as a source of vitamin C. After taking a bath you need to immediately go to bed and well bundle up, try to sleep. If you can't take a warm bath, have warm feet and hands in warm water for several minutes. Note that this method is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure and with heart disease.

If you care about prevention of respiratory diseases that can be picked up at any time of the year, then try periodically to drink mulled wine. Cognac, added in a small amount of this beverage, to facilitate the full assimilation of vitamin C, introduced by lemon. And cloves and cinnamon strengthen the immune system.
Warm brandy helps the body to combat angina, and also to lower the temperature when used in conjunction with honey and lemon.

Vodka – a great helper in the cold

With a cold vodka is good as a remedy for external application, and for preparation of different extracts and even teas.

Vodka can be rubbed the chest, compresses the throat, lungs, feet and back. In any case it is impossible to make a compress on the heart, and the rest to this method of treatment there are no contraindications.

Tea vodka: in a container pour 10-15 tablespoons of vodka, put on low heat. When the process will start boiling, add a teaspoon of black tea. Remove from heat, close tight lid.
After cooling the cure take 1-2 SIPS at night. To enhance the effect, you can eat drink honey. This combination cures the common cold in its early stages in most cases.

Another popular method of treatment is gargling spirits: brandy, cognac or vodka.