When buying cognac most important thing is not to make the wrong choice. It is difficult not to get lost in a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. To start is to understand what do the stars on the brandy, and what is still drink it is better to choose. Cognac differ in the alcohols on which she insisted. Russian cognac self assessment of exposure: tenured (3-5 years) and fine (6-8 years). It is believed that a good drink is one that directly survived (8-10 years). Each star on the label means 1 year of exposure. French classification of brandy is slightly different. In France, good drink is the only one that is directly made from grapes. French cognacs are very strict. Their endurance can learn by reading the label. And how to understand the meaning of the inscriptions on the bottles? Everything is very simple. V. S - matured for 2 years , V. O - extract of 3 years, V. S. O. R. - excerpt 4 years , V. V. S. R. O. is maintained for 5 years. And finally, the best H. About 6 years of aging. Brandy, an excerpt of which exceeds 6 years, did not go into this classification, since blending this drink is in no way controlled. The labels can also meet such names as "Extra" and "Napoleon" - this means that the drink is aged 20 – 50 years. These are the most important distinctions, which are listed on the labels of cognac. These drinks differ in tastes and shades, they are aged in special barrels appropriate to give of a taste. As you can see, the packaging of the cognac so much to tell about it.