Great benefits high blood pressure bring food and drinks, reducing pressure and enhancing the effectiveness of drugs. But remember that no food is not able to replace the pills.

Foods and drinks that reduce pressure

Foods that contain large amounts of calcium, good help in the fight against hypertension. These include low-fat cheese and milk. In these products there is vitamin D, necessary for normal functioning of the human body.
From eating low-fat dairy products impossible to recover, which is very important for health.

Magnesium also effectively lowers blood pressure. To product that contains this chemical element, include grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. Potassium is an important substance for hypertensive, in large quantities it is contained in tomatoes, dried apricots, tuna, potatoes, watermelons, oranges.

However, the most effective fighter against hypertension is garlic. In it there are substances that expand the blood vessels. With the constant use of a few of the teeth will appear noticeable effect.

Nutritionists recommend patients with high blood pressure eat chokeberry 300 grams a day, drink rosehip and green tea, giving them preference to all other drinks. These products contain vitamin C, which is necessary weak heart muscle.

Strawberries, cranberries, cranberry, peaches, and grapes are also products that lower blood pressure. Often high blood pressure uses broccoli and dandelions.
We must remember that when cooking broccoli, it is sufficient to drop into boiling water for 5 minutes.

Properly cooked cranberry in its own juice with honey and boiled potatoes is not less effective to help cope with high pressure. More helpers with this ailment are lettuce, beets, avocado, carrots, fresh and pickled cabbage, cucumbers.

We should not forget about the cereals (buckwheat, oats ), soups (dairy, vegetable) and spices (Laurel, coriander). Meat and fish need to choose low fat and to boil but not fry. Green tea lowers blood pressure, but you need to know that the drink should be hot, because cold tea, on the contrary, the pressure will increase.

Recommendations folk medicine to reduce the pressure

1 tbsp honey dissolved in 1 glass of mineral water and add lemon juice. All that you need to drink. Repeat the procedure exactly a week.
Cranberry mix with sugar powder. This mass is to eat an hour before a meal.

Calendula infused alcohol is very good at helping with hypertension. You need to take 40 drops a day. This tincture will relieve headaches and improve sleep. At very high pressure is necessary to drink a glass of carrot, beet and cranberry juice.

Products required for decompression, inexpensive, and most importantly, affordable. They are easy to prepare and do not cause side effects, which cannot be said about drugs.