If you take your time, wait for invoice for services from your service provider. As a rule, the invoice indicates which tariff you use.
To learn the plan you can your provider's office. There you can recover a lost contract for the provision of services. Unfortunately, if together with the documents lost username and password, it is practically the only available way for you to know the rate of your Internet.
Apart from this, any ISP has a phone technical support. He works around the clock. By calling him you will ask the operator all the information you need. The operator will not ask for a password and login, will be limited to the surname, name and address, which is connected to the Internet. So take advantage of call to technical support you can, even when username and password is lost.
Go to the official website of your Internet provider. Usually on websites there are private offices. Go to your personal page. It reflected all information about provide you with the services, including the tariff plan you use. Personal page locked by a password and available only to you. However, in case the password is lost, and the heart, you don't remember, to use this method you, unfortunately, will not succeed.
If you use the mobile Internet from MegaFon, to learn the plan you can in the sales center or salon "Megaphone", and also in the contact center. It is possible and even simpler: dial *225*5*1# and the call button and listen to information about your subscription plan, or send an SMS with the number 6 to the number 000100. If you are in range of your home network, the service will be provided free of charge.
The subscribers of "Beeline" find out information about rates, call *110*09# and the call button . And the information about the parameters of the tariff plan you can read in the number *110*05# and the call button. You can also visit the official website of the company, go to my account and learn the information you need.
If you are the owner of mobile Internet from the company "MTS", to find out your tariff plan, you can through USSD command *111*59# and the call button. In response, you will immediately receive an SMS with the settings of your tariff plan. The service is completely free.