The modern teacher must first be well versed in his subject. Current requirements for graduates of schools are very strict, so the teacher should give students not only basic knowledge but also something more. It needs to teach children to think logically, and to search for multiple solution tasks. For this the teacher is required to constantly evolve, improve their knowledge and improve their skills. Not always enough to attend courses for teachers, sometimes you need to look for and examine a specific and actual information.
The modern teacher should keep pace with time. Unfortunately, today's adolescents and young people is difficult to call well-mannered, polite and kind. Contemporary youth is familiar with some of the evils of this world, sometimes seek to know the worst. The teacher must be prepared for the worst. Sadly, the teacher must be able to assess the status of adolescents and to identify signs of alcohol and drug intoxication.
The teacher should be well versed in the psychology of children of any age. Particularly difficult teenagers sometimes need constant supervision and assistance. And if the teacher will be able to assess the psychological state of the child and to identify problems, assistance will be provided in time to avoid serious consequences. In pedagogical universities teach psychology, but still worth to study it further and constantly improve knowledge with latest trends and research results.
The modern teacher must be able to find approach to every student. The school is attended by children of different social layers and from different families. If a child is modest and shy, the other is hyperactive, disobedient or rude. Teacher-professional should help to open up a shy child and to direct the energy of hyperactive in the right direction.
Any teacher should love children. The teacher is a third parent for each child. Students should not feel indifference on the part of the teacher, otherwise they will understand that left to themselves, and will make not the good things. The love and care in some cases can become the best means of influencing children.
You need and the quality rigor. But it must be appropriate. The teacher learners need to see not only a mentor, but also an authority figure. And if the teacher will be too soft and allow the children to go beyond what is permitted, the students would understand that the opinion of a teacher means nothing, and its effect is negligible.