You will need
  • information about the teachers;
  • - the results of the pedagogical activities of teachers;
  • data on progress;
  • - diagnostic study;
  • - use of modern educational technologies;
  • data about the methodology (if any);
  • - data on professional development and dissemination of pedagogical experience.
Write an explanatory note. Specify, what is the purpose of compilation of portfolio, which materials contain, whether it can be helpful to other teachers. Make an information sheet. It is necessary to specify surname, name, patronymic, year of birth, which school graduated teacher how many years of experience in education and in the school. This document is not a characteristic, therefore, must be brief. Indicate whether a teacher's academic degree, what theme it works. List the methodological developments.
The main indicator of effective work of the teacher — student achievement. Invest in portfolio a statement of class magazine about the ready final attestation of students for the last three years. Provide data on intermediate certification — for example, for a quarter or semester. Tell us about the participation of students in various competitions and contests, as well as the results. You can attach a list of winners of the subject Olympiads. If there is diagnostic information in different directions of educational activity, you can include them in this section.
Check whether the teacher health-preserving technologies. What are the techniques to maintain the health of children, he enjoys. In this section you can make the description of the class, noting how the equipment corresponds to the age of children, health standards, current safety requirements.
Tell us about the modern techniques used by the teacher of initial classes. Does it have its own design, the author of the program; what goals they pursue; whether sufficient AIDS and equipment to them to work successfully. If there are more benefits to mention. Tell us about how the teacher of initial classes gets interesting experience and extends your. Here you can write about the professional skills contests, festivals teaching ideas, participate in creative groups and teaching unions, etc.
Tell us about the work of teachers of initial classes with the family. Perhaps the teacher came up with interesting forms of interaction with parents. Bring the theme of parent-teacher meetings, tell us about family clubs, joint trips and tours, lectures for parents and other events.
Prepare illustrative material. This may be a film about the life of the class, presentation of the author's programs, methodologies or pedagogical concepts, photo albums, audio recordings of lessons, certificates and diplomas to students and more. To make a portfolio as you can in a regular document folder, and drive. It depends on the conditions of the contest or certification.