That you can drink with a migraine

Often the cause of severe headache is migraine caused by disorders in the circulatory and nervous systems. Usually the pain starts suddenly, then rapidly spreading to the frontal or temporal part of one half of the head. Often the migraine is accompanied by numbness of the extremities, aggravation of smell, pain in the eyes when exposed to natural or artificial light distraction.

Photophobia due to severe headaches are one of the symptoms of meningitis, a very dangerous disease. Therefore, if a person also exhibits other symptoms of meningitis (fever, chills, pain in muscles and joints), you should immediately call the ambulance.

Reliable ways to cure migraine doctors still not found, and the attacks of this disease are unpredictable. Therefore, it is only possible to control an attack of severe pain, taking any medication. Well help, for example, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs based on ibuprofen and aspirin. These include: "Ibuprom", "Nurofen", "Brufen", "IMET", "Imigran", etc.

Still the best effect is when taking a combination drug. For example, based on the with codeine ibuprofen ("Nurofen plus"), or ibuprofen with paracetamol ("Effective"). However, since these drugs the frequent use of have a negative effect on the digestive organs, to take them you should only with very strong pain when milder means prove ineffective.
More recently, drugs containing codeine you can buy only on medical prescription.

What pills is better to take with vascular headache

Often a headache is caused by dilation of blood vessels that feed the brain. Feel this pain, in most cases, pulsing, then becoming dull, oppressive. It often occurs against a background of high or, on the contrary, a low blood pressure. At elevated pressure are advised to take drugs that enhance the flow of oxygen to the brain, for example, "Piracetam". And under reduced pills, containing caffeine (such as "Advil").
Good for vascular headaches also "Sedalgin", "Pentalgin", "Spazmalgon" and a number of other drugs.

You can also use folk remedies. Headaches inhale the scents of lemon or mint. Drink a tincture of propolis. For its preparation connect 20 g of propolis with a glass of vodka. Add 35-40 drops of the proceeds for the bread, then eat it.