The art of Dating

In fact, to meet the girl of your dreams, you just need a little insight into female psychology, and then using simple techniques, you will be able to do it.

On that first of all the girls pay attention? If you have decided to get acquainted with a charming lady, it is necessary to pay attention to his appearance. Women love the neat, well-dressed young men with scrubbing shoes, and smoothly shaven cheeks. Of course, if brutal bristles – non-replaceable part of your image, you don't need to radically change the image.

Not the best time to start a new relationship if you are already pretty drunk.
It should be remembered that SIP of wine for courage and a couple of shots of vodka have a completely different effect.

And most importantly is to be yourself. Don't try to invent something or to behave unnaturally is immediately noticeable and alarming.

How to draw attention to themselves

First of all, you should approach a girl and introduce yourself. You can tell that you noticed her among the crowd because she startled you with her charm and sweet smile. Should tell you a little about myself, to try to interest a lady.

Of course, it depends where you are. If you are in a disco, try to invite her to dance. If on the beach, invite to come and play beach volleyball, if the walk, buy a bouquet of flowers and give it to her. If you are in the company of friends in common, evaluate the situation realistically. Maybe someone of your friends can introduce you to the beautiful stranger. Remember that you have talents.
If you have the ear and voice, you can sing beautiful and romantic song, which will be devoted to the lady of his heart.

If you saw a girl on the street by accident, but suddenly decided to meet her – go to her. Tell me that you understand that she's probably not meets on the street. But still, ask to make an exception for you. Think of a romantic story that she once had a dream, and you have been looking for it, and now nothing could not pass up.

The main task – to try to interest you like the person, find as many common interests. Girls like funny and witty guys. It will be good to have in mind a few jokes and funny stories. Keep up with the lady eye contact, eye contact, more smiling.

If introduction was successful and you found a common language, don't forget to take the girl's phone number and have to call back.