Where to meet girls?

The most common Dating place is a Mall. Single girls like to go a walk just around the Mall, go to a boutique to try on something to notice a thing for the future. They want the stores usually slow, almost stately. To try to meet you at the Mall would be a good solution. Offer her help in choosing a outfit, hint, for example, that you are an expert in buying women's shoes.

Besides the shopping centre there is still the Central city streets, where people just walk. Weekdays in the evening or on the weekends you'll meet a lot of girls with some friends who decided to go out. This option is for Dating is also very good, but on the streets you'll be more likely to meet strolling pairs of girls, so it's best to go out with a lonely friend.

Bars, clubs, cafes - is also a good place for singles. There are other specifics that will make your Dating much easier – the girls come here to relax and look forward to the comfort of the whole evening, so they don't run. You even will have a chance to move from acquaintance to date.

How to meet girls?

Flirting is the first step to show when meeting a girl your intentions and your character in General. Come to the girl just for the sake of communication that will significantly increase your chances. Calmly walk up to the target and to start, introduce, if you are not familiar, ask how she's doing, and what she would prefer to do in your free time.

Try to know more about it than to talk about themselves. Find out her Hobbies, interests, what she likes or what she doesn't like. Make compliments, but not very zahvalite, otherwise create a false impression. If she is going to ask you questions, try to answer truthfully, but not very critical of anything, so as not to cause negative attitude or irritation to certain things, because you can't yet say for sure that she will be able to share your point of view.

Try to maintain an interesting conversation with your beloved. Hold eye contact, but don't push her look and don't forget to smile during a conversation. Pay attention to the signals that you will be served the girl herself.

If you want to continue with her communication, ask for a phone number or agree to meet again in another setting.