The acquaintance with the girl should begin only in the case when the young man decided what he was, in fact, that acquaintance need. For the purpose of long romantic relationship or simply while away an evening. Of course, girls are different and therefore acquainted with them should be different.

So, girls are serious, not aiming to change guys like gloves, are unlikely to meet the type who is holding a can of beer, and in the teeth of a cigarette. Conversely, frivolous girls just laughed at the clean-shaven young man in a strict business suit which is suitable to them while they smoke on the sidelines. And he doesn't need it. Therefore, the defining purpose of meeting, you can begin to take the first steps.

Where to meet a girl

I should say that cute girl that knows what she want in life, don't normally sit at the entrance on a bench. Therefore, the chance to meet her in the yard is minimized. Young man looking for a serious relationship, it is best to look for a girl with the same interests. So, it could be a football stadium (Yes, it turns out, a lot of pretty girls love football), cinema, exhibition of paintings, different training, or the concert of your favorite band.

How to meet a girl

At the moment when a young person meets any girl, he should look neat and be credible. If his clothes are wrinkled, and the head is not myta week, the girl most likely will not want to meet him. Naturally, the clothes should be clean, the guy has to smell nice, and he needs to look confident (not to be confused with arrogance).

Of course, young people should be able to talk, to engage in dialogue and keep the conversation going. It is desirable to develop and broaden your vocabulary, read books. If a guy is nothing to talk about, or it cannot Express their thoughts using real words, instead sticking to the Mat or slang, decent girl hardly pay attention to it.

Met a cute girl, speak calmly and gently, but stay confident. If she carries a heavy bag, you can offer her your help. In the dark it is possible to walk a girl home.

To meet should be welcome. You can say: "hi, I'm Sergey, may I escort you?" Then we can talk about the weather or your favorite music, ask what she's doing, where she was studying and how they spend their free time. If a young person understands that sparked interest, you can try to invite a girl to a cafe, to get her phone number. But you can not impose, it only alienates people. When failed to talk the girl, maybe she just has a young man, and she's not ready to make new acquaintances.