First and foremost you have to understand, how do you feel about the woman you wish to understand. Whoever she is - wife, daughter, friend, girlfriend? Maybe a granddaughter or niece? Maybe "star" on the cover of a magazine? Having defined, start to act on the basis of these initial settings. Also be aware how close your woman, and remember: sometimes pie in the sky are easier to understand than a bird in the hand, no matter how simple and gray it may seem.
Do not pursue quantity, emphasize quality. To understand all women have never been. You can try to decipher one and based on that derive some fundamental principle. That is, do not try to understand from a lot of women get a better one, but as it should. And let her know your intentions, otherwise you just get disappointed, because without sincere affection no one in front of you is revealed.
Keep in mind the important fact that women change over time. Today she is a girl, tomorrow girl, tomorrow a woman. Once she gets to the old woman, without losing the aura of mystery surrounding her, her logic and the size of her wardrobe. Women , too, think, think, watching the events, to rethink some things and change. (Some may be able to do, but there, you see, and understand is worth nothing). So today's woman can be the direct opposite tomorrow. Be on the lookout.
The next stage, which leaves no thoughts of many men and constantly pulls their imagination - female logic. I say at once: take everything as it is and don't even try to decipher convoluted sequence of women's reasoning and the results that it produces mental activity. Believe me, women do not understand the logic even women. It should be taken simply as a given, as an axiom, and then, maybe, you will find the key to understanding women.
As it is impossible to study any language (native or foreign), and the process of understanding the eternal, understanding women including. Try to understand women need and how women could better understand men. But it should be done with love and attention, otherwise, no you do not understand women, nor they will not understand you. Always start from the position of sincere affection, respect, love. And you will not notice as the woman, whoever she was, will be attracted to you in the answer will be revealed in front of you.