What girls like

Girls in guys love two things – confidence and perseverance (not to be confused with obsession). Guys who are confident in themselves seem to radiate power, and women love strong men.
If the guy is shy, then he simply is not interested in the opposite sex. A lack of confidence repels girls. If you come to ask directions, and when this blush and mumble, then what would there be?

Dream girl

What is she, the girl of your dreams? In order to get to know her, you need to create an image of your dreams and then to find him. Identify the traits that should have the girl of your dreams, its appearance, what talents she should have, etc. Just remember that the image must correspond to the reality.

To make it easier, write down on paper all the qualities that should be possessed by the girl. Then cross out those which, in your opinion, can be neglected. Leave all 5 qualities that your dream girl should have necessarily. There are no perfect people, forcing themselves into the rigid framework of his fantasies, you run the risk of never finding the girl of your dreams.

Where to meet

Dream girl can meet anywhere – in cafes, in the Park, in a nightclub, even on the escalator in the metro or route taxi. Don't miss the opportunity. Of course, first you navigate to the appearance, and only then recognize her character. But without mistakes there are no results.

If you can't approach a girl on the street and get to know, use Dating sites or social networks. Easier to write than to say. In addition, in the correspondence you will learn the qualities of her personality, and will be able to decide whether it suits you or not.

Like to meet you

If you saw the girl of his dreams in a public place:

- set with her eye contact. Before you approach, look her in the eye from a distance. If she responds to you, then it is a favorable sign. If the girl sight avoids, then the odds are not too great. It is better to pay attention to someone more sociable.

- smile. If the answer to the smile received, no options – walk to get acquainted.

come and say Hello. The worst thing that can happen is failure. Failure should not be afraid, you're not going to kill or cripple.

On the Internet to meet people a lot easier. Moreover, the questionnaire is shown dragging girls and even given its characteristics. Another question, believe it or not.

Write like a girl. It is not so difficult as to approach. Probably will tell you. To test her character, find a couple of psychological tests and gradually ask her questions from it. Then just go for it with these tests. A way to find out the girl is not the best but the easiest.

If you like to chat with a girl, it's time to meet in reality. Invite her to the cinema/café/Museum/theater. If she refuse, without serious reasons, be wary there's a catch.

Another way to meet your dream girl through mutual friends. But here you almost nothing depends is the most important thing to talk to her.