Symptoms food poisoning dogs are not much different from the food infection. The main one is vomiting, then diarrhea (this sequence is the defining characteristic of poisoning in dogs from infection). Sometimes vomiting is accompanied by involuntary urination and defecation. Poisons may start bleeding, blood in the urine and feces.
собаку стошнило водой
Fast and effective help will be provided by a doctor, if you know what poisoned the dog. But even if you can't determine the cause of the poisoning, the need to take action only increases. You need as quickly as possible to eliminate the toxic effects of harmful substances.
какова вероятность полного восстановления печени у котенка после отравления
Immediately eliminate contact of the animal with suspicious substances or food, which could be the cause of poisoning.
лечение кота при отравлении
Forcibly pour the dog a salt solution of 1 tablespoon to 1 Cup of water. This will cause vomiting. Then let adsorbents (e.g. activated charcoal or POLYSORB to use adsorbents, etc.).
гной в горле
If the dog is sluggish, and signs of poisoning are not more than 2-4 hours, it put a cleansing enema with a weak solution of potassium permanganate and give sodium sulfate or magnesium as a laxative.
Be sure to offer your pet drink in large quantity. If the animal refuses, pour the water forced the liquid to reduce the concentration absorbed into the blood poisons.
Whatever was poisoning, proper treatment the dog can be prescribed only by a veterinarian. He will prescribe infusion therapy salt solutions, will offer parenterale the introduction of diuretics. And even, you may need heart medications, drugs for the Central nervous system, pain and, of course, vitamins.
Only a veterinarian can determine the need for and to prescribe special antidote antidote.