The incision requires special care and attention. If suddenly it dispersed, it was necessary to contact the surgeon who performed the procedure. He examines the wound, will give tips on caring for it and that may resolve the consequences. Depending on the condition of the wound, the doctor may leave it open, you will be recommended to clean it to self-heal, or it will sew again, but it happens much less frequently.

The wound will need to process antiseptic for skin (Iodinol, solution of brilliant green, yodopiron, trisept-Kolor, alcohol, etc.). The best skin disinfectant solution is the liquid Castellani or fukortsin. If necessary, the wound should be washed with hydrogen peroxide and allow to dry, according to the testimony, to apply a bandage.

This files most often applied bandage alcohol or Dimexidum, which is diluted with saline in the ratio 1:3 and 1% dioxydine. If the wound will be found the abscess, the doctor put drainage and, possibly, remove skin sutures that are on the site, which will now heal themselves, that is secondary tension.

A good healing effect of the ointment levomekol, chamomile ointment and creams containing panthenol. On the stage of healing can lubricate the joints with Thistle oil. This oil promotes the resorption of scars and good draws wounds. In addition, the seam, processed them, will cease to be rude and be careful. At this stage the main thing – patience and a long time of treatment and recovery to stock a positive attitude.

Remember that healing and drying of stitches would best serve the air, and antiseptic healing accelerate. After two or three months can use ointments such as the type Mederma or Contractubex, as they cannot be applied in an open wound.