You will need
  • ointment;
  • surgeon;
  • injection;
  • -laser peel.
If you want an immediate effect and have a sufficient amount of money, it will help plastic surgery. Pre surgeon will meet with you, conduct an inspection and determine how he will deliver you from this trouble. The healing period will be approximately week.
Alternatively, try to clean the incision (if it is cosmetic) with special ointments. Their principle of action is that they help the defect to disappear. For this you should act in the instructions which you dust your doctor. If he tells you to apply the ointment three times a day, then it should be done it three times, not two and not four. The only way you will have a guarantee that treatment will be successful.
You can also deal with cosmetic seam with laser resurfacing. The procedure is quite effective, it stimulates the growth of cells. This means that the recovery of the tissues around and inside the seam occurs at an accelerated pace. The grinding lasts for about 20-30 minutes, and the result can be evaluated in a week, when I appeared down the redness. To start this procedure it is possible not earlier than two weeks from the moment the stitches you have.
In some cases, for smoothing surgical uses special cosmetic injections. Are appointed only the doctor. He controls the result. Typically, injections are the courses after a certain period of time must be repeated.
In some cases, you can use the methods of traditional medicine. For example, to brew a certain collection of herbs, which is necessary to lubricate the damaged area of the body. Then the suture is absorbed. However, this method is rather long (can take up to 2 months) and not always effective.
Also you can try to get rid of the scar with the help of hormonal preparations. Again, you have to write your doctor. It also determines the dosage and the duration of the course.