Advice 1: How to determine the period of pregnancy in cats

The birth of the kittens is an important event for both the catand its owners. It is desirable, that it should not take you by surprise, after all, to accept new Pets need to be prepared. To more accurately determine the date of birth, you need to determine the term of pregnancy of your pet.
How to determine the period of pregnancy in cats
The normal termof the ω carrying the kittens is two calendar months. Errors in two or three days in either direction is acceptable. Kittens born before termand often unsustainable. But if pregnancy is delayed to 70 days, the cat may require urgent intervention of a veterinarian. Usually "delayed" kittens from smaller litters, as multiple pregnancy is faster.
In the early periodAh the position of the cats difficult to notice with the naked eye. To determine the presence of embryos is possible only with the help of ultrasound. However veterinarians prefer not to risk it and appoint such examination no earlier than four weeks after fertilization.
Observe the behavior of cats. In the first weeks of pregnancy she was sleeping more than usual, preferring the nooks, sometimes refuses to eat, but starts to drink more. Some cats in the initial period often sick – a phenomenon reminiscent of morning sickness in pregnant women.
In a few weeks the animal becomes hungry, and the urge to vomit stopped. Change the mode of feeding, moving ward for three to four nutritious meals. It is advisable to give the cat a balanced, finished feed for pregnant or good food for kittens that is enriched with calcium, phosphorus and protein.
In the third week of pregnancy in cats swell and turn pink nipples. This is particularly noticeable in young animals, waiting for the first litter.
Monthly pregnancy is easily identified by the round belly of a cat. During this period, the animal becomes less active. The size of the fetus reaches 25-30 mm long and all the vital organs have already developed.
After the seventh week you can feel the movement of the kittens, placed his palm on the stomach of the cat. At this timee your pet will become restless, start looking for a place for the future nest. Help her, inviting as a cozy bed box lined with soft rags.
In the last week before labor anxiety cats increases. Her belly is greatly increased over the past month, the kittens had doubled. Nipples cats are very swollen, they can be a whitish liquid. From this point on, observe your pet carefully – birth can occur in the coming days.
Do not attempt to test the kittens in the belly of the cat, to count them or to determine the size. Unskillful actions can cause injury and expectant mother, and cubs.

Advice 2 : Like cats to determine the duration of pregnancy

To determine the term of pregnancy from cats with up to date impossible. But if we observe the animal's behavior, you can at least roughly calculate the date of birth.
Like cats to determine the duration of pregnancy
Let me see your favorite veterinarian. The specialist will determine the term of pregnancy most accurately, making ultrasound the animal. At the same time talk to your doctor about how and what to feed the future mother is very important for the normal development of offspring, and maintaining the health of the cat.
If you can't show a cat to a specialist, try to determine the approximate duration of the pregnancy on their own. In the third week after conception the animal may experience vomiting, mood change and passive behavior. All these symptoms should disappear with time.
On the fourth week you will notice other signs of pregnancy. At this time, the cat will begin to increase and the nipples will change color. If your darling is preparing to become a mother for the first time, these effects will be most pronounced. In later pregnancy, the nipples will also change, but not as much as when feeding they become larger than before first birth.
Around the sixth week of pregnancy in cats are noticeably rounded belly, and the 45-50 day you can feel the kittens moving in the womb. Be careful when taking the animal in hand.
From the seventh to the eighth week, the expectant mother starts worrying. The cat may run around the room and look for a suitable place to give birth. But don't expect the kittens will be from day to day. This will happen not earlier than the ninth week of pregnancy. A few days before birth, the kitty will calm down, become contemplative. If you notice these changes - so the cat can have at any time. Watch its condition, and, if necessary, call a veterinarian.
Cats behave differently, so you may be mistaken in their calculations. It all depends not only on the nature of the animal, but from the number of hatched offspring.

Advice 3 : Why do pregnant cats kittens moving much

Cats most popular Pets. In some families the owners hold even several members of this family, even if you don't cultivate them. Planned or unplanned pregnancy home pet is the subject of concern and excitement for the whole family, because this condition in cats and the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are very similar.
Why do pregnant cats kittens moving much

How the pregnancy in cats

On average, pregnancy in cats lasts about 9 weeks and how soon the cat gives birth depends on the number of its unborn kittens. What will be more, the sooner you will be in labor. Typically, this condition is all cats, even the rare breeds stand absolutely normal and special veterinary surveillance it is not required. The abdomen becomes noticeable after 3-4 weeks, especially if the cat gladkosherstnye.

2-3 weeks before birth, you can feel in her stomach began to move the kittens. First understand that abdominal movement occurs, only attaching a hand. The quickening is a rare hand will have to hold tightly for a few minutes before you feel them. A week later, the abdomen already moves constantly, and if the hair is short, this movement can be seen even without a hand in the belly of the cat – he is hopping.

This activity is easily explained. First, kittens cats, as a rule, if one sleeps, the other can toss and turn in your SAC. Second, kittens are born blind though, compared to a child, much more adapted to life – they begin to crawl immediately. Therefore, before birth, ready to get out into the light kittens are moving quite strongly.
Much massaging of the uterus, kittens stimulate the secretion of the pituitary hormone oxytocin, which triggers the biological mechanism of delivery.

How cats give birth

1-2 days before birth, the cat behavior is changing – feeling them approaching, she begins to find dark, secluded and enclosed place where no one else will be able to disturb her or the kittens. In this period, under the influence of hormones on the bones of the pelvis become more mobile, the abdominal muscles relax and he changes the shape from round to pear-shaped.
A symptom of close genera is released by squeezing the nipples colostrum.

A pregnant cat usually often and with pleasure eat, but before birth it can completely abandon food, she may start vomiting and frequent stools. But most often takes place without such complications and approaching the exciting moment you can learn only by the fact that the body temperature lowered her. In normal condition, the body temperature of cats of 38.5 OS, just before birth it is reduced to 37,5-37,8 OS.

Most cats cope well with the birth of the kittens on their own, even when giving birth for the first time. In this case, you can only sit there to insure the woman. But just in case, better to read the literature to help if something doesn't go according to plan.
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