The normal termof the ω carrying the kittens is two calendar months. Errors in two or three days in either direction is acceptable. Kittens born before termand often unsustainable. But if pregnancy is delayed to 70 days, the cat may require urgent intervention of a veterinarian. Usually "delayed" kittens from smaller litters, as multiple pregnancy is faster.
посчитать срок родов у кошки
In the early periodAh the position of the cats difficult to notice with the naked eye. To determine the presence of embryos is possible only with the help of ultrasound. However veterinarians prefer not to risk it and appoint such examination no earlier than four weeks after fertilization.
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Observe the behavior of cats. In the first weeks of pregnancy she was sleeping more than usual, preferring the nooks, sometimes refuses to eat, but starts to drink more. Some cats in the initial period often sick – a phenomenon reminiscent of morning sickness in pregnant women.
узнать что кошка забеременела
In a few weeks the animal becomes hungry, and the urge to vomit stopped. Change the mode of feeding, moving ward for three to four nutritious meals. It is advisable to give the cat a balanced, finished feed for pregnant or good food for kittens that is enriched with calcium, phosphorus and protein.
задержка родов у кошки
In the third week of pregnancy in cats swell and turn pink nipples. This is particularly noticeable in young animals, waiting for the first litter.
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Monthly pregnancy is easily identified by the round belly of a cat. During this period, the animal becomes less active. The size of the fetus reaches 25-30 mm long and all the vital organs have already developed.
After the seventh week you can feel the movement of the kittens, placed his palm on the stomach of the cat. At this timee your pet will become restless, start looking for a place for the future nest. Help her, inviting as a cozy bed box lined with soft rags.
In the last week before labor anxiety cats increases. Her belly is greatly increased over the past month, the kittens had doubled. Nipples cats are very swollen, they can be a whitish liquid. From this point on, observe your pet carefully – birth can occur in the coming days.