Advice 1: How to determine the period of pregnancy in cats

The birth of the kittens is an important event for both the catand its owners. It is desirable, that it should not take you by surprise, after all, to accept new Pets need to be prepared. To more accurately determine the date of birth, you need to determine the term of pregnancy of your pet.
How to determine the period of pregnancy in cats
The normal termof the ω carrying the kittens is two calendar months. Errors in two or three days in either direction is acceptable. Kittens born before termand often unsustainable. But if pregnancy is delayed to 70 days, the cat may require urgent intervention of a veterinarian. Usually "delayed" kittens from smaller litters, as multiple pregnancy is faster.
In the early periodAh the position of the cats difficult to notice with the naked eye. To determine the presence of embryos is possible only with the help of ultrasound. However veterinarians prefer not to risk it and appoint such examination no earlier than four weeks after fertilization.
Observe the behavior of cats. In the first weeks of pregnancy she was sleeping more than usual, preferring the nooks, sometimes refuses to eat, but starts to drink more. Some cats in the initial period often sick – a phenomenon reminiscent of morning sickness in pregnant women.
In a few weeks the animal becomes hungry, and the urge to vomit stopped. Change the mode of feeding, moving ward for three to four nutritious meals. It is advisable to give the cat a balanced, finished feed for pregnant or good food for kittens that is enriched with calcium, phosphorus and protein.
In the third week of pregnancy in cats swell and turn pink nipples. This is particularly noticeable in young animals, waiting for the first litter.
Monthly pregnancy is easily identified by the round belly of a cat. During this period, the animal becomes less active. The size of the fetus reaches 25-30 mm long and all the vital organs have already developed.
After the seventh week you can feel the movement of the kittens, placed his palm on the stomach of the cat. At this timee your pet will become restless, start looking for a place for the future nest. Help her, inviting as a cozy bed box lined with soft rags.
In the last week before labor anxiety cats increases. Her belly is greatly increased over the past month, the kittens had doubled. Nipples cats are very swollen, they can be a whitish liquid. From this point on, observe your pet carefully – birth can occur in the coming days.
Do not attempt to test the kittens in the belly of the cat, to count them or to determine the size. Unskillful actions can cause injury and expectant mother, and cubs.

Advice 2: How to determine the month of pregnancy

Determination of the duration of pregnancy is necessary for its proper conduct and of determining expected date of delivery. The term may be calculated in calendar months – a normal pregnancy lasts nine months and seven days from the first day of the last menstrual period. But more commonly used obstetric months, each of which is 28 days. In this case, the pregnancy lasts for 10 months or 40 weeks. There are several ways to determine the period.
There are several ways to determine gestational age
Calendar method. In the calendar, find the date of the first day of your last period and counting the number of weeks that have passed since that time. The result is divided by 4. For example, it took 17 weeks and 3 days, so the period of pregnancy 17-18 weeks or 4 months 1 week and 3 days.
The definition of the term. There are special tables, which can determine the term of pregnancy, matching today's date with the date of the first day of the last menstrual period. In fact it is a modified calendar method.
Ultrasound. This method is the most accurate at the initial time. To 12 weeks period is determined with an error of 1-3 days. Then every month the error increases in the second trimester to 7 days, and the third error can reach 2 – 3 weeks. The fact that in this case, doctors are guided by the size of the fetus. In early pregnancy it depends on the length and time of birth the size and weight of the child depends on the individual.
How to determine the month <strong>pregnancy</strong>
Definition of term pregnancy gynecological examination. An experienced doctor in the early pregnancy quite accurately defines her life by the size of the uterus. 4 weeks (1 month) the uterus is the size of a hen's egg, in 8 weeks (2 months) with a goose egg in 12 weeks (3 months) a man's fist.
More late terms of pregnancy are determined by the height of standing of bottom of uterus. In 4 months (16 weeks), the fundus is midway between the vagina (pubic bones) and the navel. 5 months (20 weeks), the fundus is at a distance of 11-12 cm above the fold. 6 months – level of umbilicus. 7 months (28 weeks) at 4 cm above the navel. 8 months – midway between the umbilicus and xiphoid process of the sternum. In obstetric 9 months (36 weeks) the bottom of the uterus in rib, at the level of the xiphoid. At the time of birth (40 weeks) the uterus descends to the middle between the navel and xiphoid process.
The length of the uterus. Measuring tape measure the distance between the fold and the bottom of the uterus. The number of centimeters equal to the number of weeks of time. Dividing the result by 4, will receive a month of pregnancy.
Previously used the definition of pregnancy in the first movement of the fetus, but currently this method is not popular because it is not precise enough.

Advice 3: How to take birth from British cats

Cats, unfortunately, not always can give birth to kittens. In the worst cases, rescue animal and the cubs may even require the assistance of a veterinarian. It is important to remember that if pregnancy British cats live longer 60-65 days, there is a possibility that the kittens are too large, and then the owner will have to take your cat birth.
How to take birth from British cats
You will need
  • Box, clean diaper.
Calculate approximate date of birth. On average, pregnancy in cats lasts about 60-70 days. Remember when you were binding, add the average term of pregnancy, and you will get approximate date of birth of the kittens.
Prepare the site for delivery and ensure that someone from the household will be able to look after the cat and help her if necessary. It is desirable that at the right moment you were able to get off work and take birth from your pet.
Provide your British cat with good conditions for birth. Lay in a specially prepared box of clean diapers. Make sure that the room was warm and quiet to strangers and loud noises do not interfere with the expectant mother. The fact that British cat at the time of birth is very important to feel protected. Otherwise, the birth can be delayed or even stop until until the animal calms down.
Don't worry, otherwise your favorite, too, will start to worry. When you start the fight, you will immediately notice a wave-like motion inside the abdomen of the expectant mother. Carefully and gently stroke the cat, talk to her quiet, gentle voice. Do not leave the cat alone, keep her calm, if she starts to rush and a loud meow.
Check the condition of the cat. After some time the contractions will go in attempts, and you will see how the first kitten is born. If the kitten cannot be born a little POPs out, then disappears again – lubricate the hole with vaseline to the cat was easier to push the baby. If this does not work, gently take the kitten's skin and slowly pull it out. In any case, do not grab his legs, head and other body parts, because you can hurt or even kill fragile newborn!
Pay attention to how the cat takes care of the baby. If the kitten was born in a bubble, and the cat did not immediately gnawing on it – quickly take the scissors and carefully cut the tape. Extract from a kitten, remove mucus from nostrils and mouth. If the kitten is not breathing, bend his body, pressing his head to the rear feet, straighten and bend again. Repeat this several times.
Always make sure the appearance of the placenta: how many kittens born, so it must be placenta. The cat should be allowed to eat 1-2 of the placenta, but the rest definitely need to throw to have a new mother not vomited and no diarrhea started.
If kittens were born more than out placenta – contact your veterinarian to prevent serious illness of your pet.

Advice 4: How to determine the time and date of birth

Definition of term of pregnancy and the date of the alleged birth has important practical significance. Knowing them, you can follow the development of the fetus in the dynamics, to diagnose probable complications of pregnancy (e.g., premature birth), as well as having the opportunity to have an early maternity leave.
How to determine the time and date of birth
One way of determining the date of the last menstrual period. However, this method can only be used in women with regular menstrual cycles. Otherwise, a possible error in the calculations. Take your personal calendar and count how many weeks have passed since her first day. This will be the period of pregnancy. To determine the date of birth is used the formula of Negele. Count from the first day of periods back 3 months and add to them the 7 days.
To know the duration of pregnancy and date of births by the ovulation date. Ovulation happens mid-cycle, usually 12-16 days, counting from the first day of menstruation. Often in this period and that is conception. With the selected point, count the period of pregnancy and add 2 weeks. For finding date of birth from the date of ovulation, subtract 3 months and 7 days, or add 38 weeks. This method is ideal for women who become pregnant by artificial means.
To set the duration of the pregnancy can gynecologist according to the vaginal examination. It determines the size of the uterus, which gradually increases in size. At a later period, the uterus becomes palpable through the abdomen, and the doctor measures the volume of the stomach and the height of standing of bottom of uterus above the vagina with the help of the tape measure. It should be noted that this method is not always reliable. Often uterine size may be larger (if polyhydramnios, fibroids, multiple gestation) or less (if of fetal malnutrition, water scarcity) laid norms.
Another method - ultrasonography (us). During the procedure, measurements of the size of the fetus, which correspond to a certain term of the pregnancy. The most accurate method in the first trimester. In time possible errors in determining the number of weeks of pregnancy, because the growing fetus has its own constitutional peculiarities. Sometimes the expectant mother and child can be some pathology (for example, diabetes in women, fetal malnutrition) contributing to the growth and development of the embryo or its excessive growth.
To find the duration of pregnancy and date of birth can on the first movement of the fetus. Usually primipara expectant mother feels it in 20-21 weeks of pregnancy, powernotes – since 18-19 weeks. To calculate the gestational age, the date of the first stirring add 5 lunar months. If labor is the second – 5.5 months.
Useful advice
It is important to know that date of birth cannot be determined exactly to the day. Most women give birth at 40 weeks of pregnancy, but babies born at 38-42 weeks, considered full-term and perfectly normal. The doctor may assume the date of birth on the basis of anamnestic data, inspection data and additional research methods.

Advice 5: How not to get a period during pregnancy

A normal pregnancy lasts about forty weeks. If the birth has not come, and about 42 weeks, post-term pregnancy. Since this condition can be dangerous for a child, you need to know how it can be avoided.
How not to get a period during pregnancy
If the due date has already come, and they don't come, try to use folk remedies. For instance, start eating dates which contain substances similar to oxytocin that triggers labor. Can also help a small dose of castor oil, about 30 ml. However, note that this method can cause quite severe indigestion.
Try to be physically active to the extent in which you are comfortable. Such simple actions as walking, can promote the adoption of a child the correct position for childbirth. On the contrary, unnecessary bed rest can slow down the lowering of the baby's head in the pelvis.
In the case where you already were post-term pregnancy, start preventing such a situation in advance. For example, to facilitate the preparation of the uterus for childbirth can taking the capsules with primrose oil. Them you have to write the doctor to determine the dosage. It is usually 1 tablet a day since the beginning of the ninth month of pregnancy may increase the dose to three pills. Also, the doctor may recommend a special candle, for example, "Buscopan" that can be applied from the 38th week.
Don't worry if the doctor finds the situation normal. Not every prolonged pregnancy is post-term. If the doctor observes a decreasing amount of amniotic fluid and other hazardous characteristics, you can wait until the start of natural labor.
The ineffectiveness of the medicines and folk remedies the doctor may decide to induce labor by injection of oxytocin or even schedule a C-section. In this case, you should rely on the authority of official medicine. If you still doubt the decision of your doctor you can go to another for diagnosis and measures to accelerate delivery.

Advice 6: How the pregnancy in cats

After puberty cats, many owners start to think about her first mating and offspring. However, due to the inexperience in such matters but they are worried about the upcoming pregnancy of your cat and its safe passage.
How the pregnancy in cats

Course of pregnancy in cats

The average cat pregnancy lasts nine weeks. Recognize it, starting from the third week – at the nipples, which become pronounced pink. Also, the animal may vomit, because his body starts to undergo hormonal changes. From the fifth week of the cat begins to significantly gain weight, and the sixth – her nipples will rapidly start to increase, brimming with milk. The expectant mother begins to sleep more and completely ignores the cats, if one of them is next.

Usually cats during pregnancy become more gentle, quiet and affectionate, if before they went outside, in this period, they are closer to home.

Every day pregnant cat eats more, but a few days before birth, the appetite is markedly reduced. Also during pregnancy in the animal body increases intra-abdominal pressure, resulting in frequent urination and defecation. Sometimes the cat may experience a false pregnancy occurs when ovulation without fertilization. The cat observed all the signs of pregnancy that take place during the forty days, however, if they cause health complications, should take measures. The frequent false pregnancy, doctors often recommend removing the ovaries of a cat.

Care during pregnancy

First and foremost, the cat is necessary to ensure proper and nutritious food, rich in proteins and calcium. In the second half of pregnancy to feed the cat needs food that contains a lot of protein. You should also exclude all drugs, including medicines for fleas and worms. Because big belly makes it difficult for self-washing of the animal, he can help clean the genitals with a damp soft cloth.

During pregnancy cats like privacy, so if you have other cats, pregnant better partially isolated from them.

In the latter stages of pregnancy, the cat should not climb on the cabinets and other high places because the weight of the uterus greatly shifts the center of gravity, and the animal may be unable to maintain balance, falling from a height. Just before birth (about two weeks) the cat should make a nest – box with Newspapers or disposable baby diapers, stacked in several layers. At birth kittens cannot be wiped off with a soft wipes that can stick to the newborn and the cat refuses to lick. The box should stand in a warm place – preferably where the cat liked to be the entire period of pregnancy. Sometimes childbirth can last more than a day, so you should have everything necessary, including telephone nearest veterinary clinic.

Advice 7: Why do pregnant cats kittens moving much

Cats most popular Pets. In some families the owners hold even several members of this family, even if you don't cultivate them. Planned or unplanned pregnancy home pet is the subject of concern and excitement for the whole family, because this condition in cats and the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are very similar.
Why do pregnant cats kittens moving much

How the pregnancy in cats

On average, pregnancy in cats lasts about 9 weeks and how soon the cat gives birth depends on the number of its unborn kittens. What will be more, the sooner you will be in labor. Typically, this condition is all cats, even the rare breeds stand absolutely normal and special veterinary surveillance it is not required. The abdomen becomes noticeable after 3-4 weeks, especially if the cat gladkosherstnye.

2-3 weeks before birth, you can feel in her stomach began to move the kittens. First understand that abdominal movement occurs, only attaching a hand. The quickening is a rare hand will have to hold tightly for a few minutes before you feel them. A week later, the abdomen already moves constantly, and if the hair is short, this movement can be seen even without a hand in the belly of the cat – he is hopping.

This activity is easily explained. First, kittens cats, as a rule, if one sleeps, the other can toss and turn in your SAC. Second, kittens are born blind though, compared to a child, much more adapted to life – they begin to crawl immediately. Therefore, before birth, ready to get out into the light kittens are moving quite strongly.
Much massaging of the uterus, kittens stimulate the secretion of the pituitary hormone oxytocin, which triggers the biological mechanism of delivery.

How cats give birth

1-2 days before birth, the cat behavior is changing – feeling them approaching, she begins to find dark, secluded and enclosed place where no one else will be able to disturb her or the kittens. In this period, under the influence of hormones on the bones of the pelvis become more mobile, the abdominal muscles relax and he changes the shape from round to pear-shaped.
A symptom of close genera is released by squeezing the nipples colostrum.

A pregnant cat usually often and with pleasure eat, but before birth it can completely abandon food, she may start vomiting and frequent stools. But most often takes place without such complications and approaching the exciting moment you can learn only by the fact that the body temperature lowered her. In normal condition, the body temperature of cats of 38.5 OS, just before birth it is reduced to 37,5-37,8 OS.

Most cats cope well with the birth of the kittens on their own, even when giving birth for the first time. In this case, you can only sit there to insure the woman. But just in case, better to read the literature to help if something doesn't go according to plan.

Advice 8: As cats are anticipating the death of the owner

The amazing psychic abilities of animals still can not clarify nor one science, because it defies common sense. Today, however, it becomes clear that: among the four-legged "psychics" leading positions are occupied by cats.
Psychic cats is a mystery of our time!

Cats and Earth's magnetic field

Scientists have proven the fact that cats have a strong connection with the place of their habitat. For example, if a cat is greatly attached to his home, was taken away in an unfamiliar place, then it will not take much effort to overcome the path of over 100 km to come back. There are many stories and documentary evidence, telling about how fluffy the Dodgers overcame hundreds of kilometers to return to the "native land".
According to scientists, cats are the link between the people and the area that is beyond ordinary human perception. That is why their powers are still one of the modern mysteries.

Scientists believe that, most likely, the reason of such behavior of cats lies in the change of the magnetic field of the Earth. This hypothesis was confirmed after these animals were wearing special magnetic collars. The fact that these devices cats instantly lost their navigational skills. Curiously, it did not affect their psychic abilities! This is – more.

As cats are anticipating the death of the owner

In fact, today almost no one is surprised by the fact that cats can sense the approach of any danger. In particular, we have shown that before an earthquake they have a genuine activity and anxiety. Same thing with volcanic activity: people living on the slopes of active volcanoes, have come to rely precisely on the gut of felines, rather than on forecasts of scientists-seismologists.

About how cats can predict the deaths of their owners, there are several versions. One of them, a man who must die soon, shall issue the corresponding "death" smell that recognize cats. Some scientists suggest that this smell there is a fine admixture of blood.

Cats, like many other animals, feeling the smell, fall into a real riot, experiencing a panic fear: they begin to worry, run around the house from corner to corner, etc. Some people think that such behavior of their Pets is a sign of natural disasters, but after a while for one reason or another they themselves depart to the other world.

According to another version, explaining the mechanism of foreboding cats death of their owners, these animals are highly developed intuition. In other words, it is a cat's sixth sense. People who knowingly uses the same feeling called psychics. Feline intuition miraculously adapts to the human energy field. In most cases, these animals are involuntarily adjust to the karma of their masters.
It is believed that cats are wonderful healers. Scientists can not yet explain this ability, but did not deny it. To cure various diseases of cats taken by breed, personality, temperament.

Here we are not talking about magnetism, about which it was told above, and on closer energy ties cats and people. If the biofield of the owner is present approaching death, Pets (cats and dogs) can sense it. It is a pity that they are unable to report it, so I Express my concern and worry by any means available to them: visibly nervous whine (if your dog), running around the house, etc.

Advice 9: What we need Doppler in pregnancy

During pregnancy the expectant mother is prescribed a few scheduled scans, including Doppler ultrasound. This is necessary in order to keep under control the process of carrying a child, as well as its development in the womb.
What we need Doppler in pregnancy

What is different from the Doppler ultrasound?

Dopplerographical study, as well as ultrasound, analyzes the nature of the signal which is reflected from the tissue or particles. But there are still differences.

Get in an ultrasound image of tissues in a static position, which helps to determine if the fetus has abnormalities in the position of the bodies, is it normal development. When conducting dopplerography is used the Doppler effect. This implies the measurement of the speed signal from the moving blood particles. This study allows to measure the speed of blood flow in the uterus – placenta – fetus", to calculate with what frequency is reduced heart baby, and also to determine whether there is enough blood getting to the organs.

This diagnosis gives valuable information for the study of many diseases. But, nevertheless, the intensity of ultrasound is higher than with ultrasound.

There are two types dopplerographical research. Duplex gives information about blood flow velocity and patency of the vessels. When using the triplex method is added to the image color, which allows to further study the condition of the blood.

When prescribed dopplerographical research?

During pregnancy, the gynecologist who is watching a woman, develops a plan of action. Its preparation affects the condition of the expectant mother and her addictions and chronic diseases. But there are some procedures that are mandatory in the period of carrying a child, and one of them is Doppler ultrasound.

This examination need to produce twice within nine months, first time on 22-24 week, and the second is on 30-34. But if the doctor finds any abnormalities, he may order doplerometriya several times.

There are several additional indicators to conduct dopplerographical research, such as multiple pregnancy. This diagnostic can provide additional information that enables identification of pathologies.

If a pregnant woman has any diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension, doplerometriya helps to determine risk and select treatment.

When RH sensitization dopplerographical study can help to identify increased blood flow in the umbilical cord, which may indicate the development of complications. If the size of the fetus corresponds to the gestational age, using a Doppler it is possible to determine the cause, e.g. hypoxia of the fetus.

Dopplerographical study is of no harm and does not affect the baby's development. It is more than useful because it allows you to determine the condition of the fetus and its degree of development. Known cases when only using Doppler ultrasound have been identified hypoxia and timely treatment to prevent an accident.
Is the advice useful?