Many women, after learning about their situation, try to give pet is in good hands. This is not necessary. Conducted research on the effects of companion animals on kids, the results of which showed that Pets help children develop communication skills, teach empathy and care for our loved ones. But for infants, they are dangerous. The child and cat were OK, need to organize their communication, taking into account all the nuances.

No aggression

More loyal in relation to children cats from 1 year to 5 years. They aren't as active and receptive, and not yet irritable age. Definitely need to take into account the nature of your pet before you bring the baby into the house.

You need to watch the cat as she reacts after hearing loud noises. To pull her ears and tail, look straight in the eye and move the turns of the legs. The animal must behave calmly. If he was angry or enraged, it is better to give the cat a familiar, to protect the baby.

Usually cats perceive children as their own and not mad at the pranks of the child. Well, if the animal is smooth-haired, there is a perception that fluffy breeds can cause allergies in the baby, or, conversely, to strengthen the immune system, as the child's body begins to produce antibodies to wool.

How to avoid infections during pregnancy?

More likely to catch something from the person, not the animal. Because communication happens to a large number of people, and the cat houses are usually only one. Some expectant mothers, hearing about toxoplasmosis in a hurry to get rid of the pet by any means, without delving into the essence of the problem.

As the statistics, about 1% of pregnant women are infected with the infection and only each fifth disease moves to the fruit. Not to be another statistic, just to study and to determine whether their body to resist disease.

Cats only spread the infection through feces. Women just need to be careful and to protect themselves from working in the garden, and the toilet of the animal to be cleaned only with gloves and every day. And it is better to entrust someone else this responsibility.

You need to pay attention to the animal's diet to not eat cheese, meat, rodents. Need to do the cat vaccinations. It will not hurt to give the cure for worms and treat her from fleas.

On return from maternity hospitals

The appearance of the baby is stressful for any animal. This is due to the fact that life changes occur unfamiliar cat smells and sounds. Can basic ways to reduce this stress to a minimum:
• Periodically put on the skin cream or lotion to the animal was able to get used to the smell.
• Do not give the cat to sleep on my lap, instead, teach it quietly to rest at his feet.
• Do not allow your pet to enter the nursery before the arrival of the hospital.
• If the child sleeps with the parents, must buy in advance to get your cat accustomed to new furniture.
• When the baby started to crawl, it is better to clean out the cat's bowl and feed your pet on time.

At first, the animal may behave inappropriately. To avoid this, you need to give the cat an opportunity to sniff the baby, but not to lick. You need to Pat the pet's back from the hospital. You don't have to drive away the animal from yourself, because it will increase his jealousy. Better let the cat is watching your every move, and when the kid grows up, it will perfectly get along with him.