The identity of any person holistic and consists of three components: body, spirit and soul. They are one and vzaimoponimanie. Often the last two terms confused and think that it is synonymous. But the Bible separates these two concepts, although they are often mixed in religious literature. Hence the confusion that leads to doubt in this matter.

The concept of "soul" and "spirit"

The soul represents the immaterial essence of an individual, lies in his body and is the driving force. Her man can exist, thanks to it he learns. If there is no soul, there will be no life.

The spirit is the highest degree of the natural man, he carries and leads him to God. According to the Bible, the presence and places the human person above the other beings in the current hierarchy.

The differences between soul and spirit

In a narrow sense, the soul can be called a horizontal vector of human life, it links his identity with the world, as a matter of feelings and desires. Her actions theology divides into three lines with feeling, and desirable thinking. In other words it is characterized by thoughts, emotions, feelings, the desire to achieve the goal, the pursuit of anything. She can make a choice, even if not always correct.

The spirit is a vertical benchmark, which is expressed in the desire for God. His actions are considered to be more pure, because it knows fear of God. He aspires to the Creator, and rejects earthly pleasures.

According to theological doctrine, we can conclude that the soul is not only human but also animals, fish, insects, but only man has spirit. That subtle difference you need to understand, and even better to feel on an intuitive level. This will help the knowledge that the soul helps the spirit to enter the human body with the goal of improving it. It is also important to know that a person is endowed with a soul at birth or conception. But the spirit is sent at the moment of repentance.

The soul makes the body alive, akin to blood, penetrating into the human cells and reproduce themselves all over the body. In other words man has it, as well as the body. She is his essence. While the person is alive, the soul stays in the body. When he dies, you can't see, to feel, to talk, though all the senses. They are inactive, as no soul. The spirit by its nature can not belong to man, it easily leaves it and returns. If he leaves, then the person does not die and lives on. But the spirit animates the soul.