Skeptics don't believe in the existence of the human soul, considering this concept is a kind of prejudice, because he has no scientific explanation. Religious minded people and those who are faced with the manifestations of unusual phenomena, considered the soul an integral part of human nature that continues to live after his death. Found a lot of evidence for the existence of the soul, the many explanations and interpretations of its manifestations in one form or another. And even if they are not always scientific and explainable, but they are, and humanity is forced to accept them.

How does the soul of man

Researchers of paranormal phenomena and various forms of manifestation of human feelings after his death, describing the soul as a clot of a certain force, energy. According to their opinion, it represents a small cloud, light or dark, depending on the type of energy and of human nature. Many researchers managed to capture what a soul looks on the pictures at the moment of physical death of the human body. They attribute this to the fact that at the time of cardiac arrest and cessation of brain activity is a powerful release of energy, which can be seen in the form of transparent substances over the body of the deceased. The camera lens is able to capture this moment, and the photo is clearly visible the soul of man. Some images, taken in various conditions, is clearly evident shapeless cloud from like a Golden thread. In many of the photos you can see the dark circles hanging over the a man or circling above him. To explain this phenomenon differently, as the presence in the frame of the souls of the dead cannot. Another proof that the soul is is the change in body weight at 3-9 grams during the termination of his life.

Undeniable proof of the existence of the soul

In addition to unique pictures with the manifestations of the soul as a substance, there are several other conclusive evidence of its existence. One of these can be called religious-historical. Since ancient times from generation to generation, passed the legend of how dead people help their relatives by the Board, the saints bring healing to those who ask them about it in prayer, warning of the danger.

Physiological evidence for the existence of the soul was represented by English scientists. As a result of multiple experiments in a practical way they set her weight – after death the body changes its mass, it becomes easier 3-9 grams.

Bioenergy proof is the human aura. Despite the skeptics, the spectral radiation energy of the human body is a scientifically proven fact. And energy is the essence of people, their soul. It is research in this area has allowed to see photographs of the human soul.