Religious interpretation

Before you take possession of the man, the demons are preparing the "soil". They can't possess people with a pure soul, so inspire sinful thoughts. But the devils inspire their thoughts to people that they do not notice this suggestion. My thoughts demons are making to the thoughts of people, that was not noticeable as sinful thoughts permeate the human mind.

Gradually sinful thoughts of the human mind. Using this, the devil can subjugate the will the last to enter his body and control it. Such people are called demoniac, possessed or zombified.

To possess a devil can not only to the sinner. Sometimes the Lord condones that demon possessed in the Church, sincerely believing person.

Signs of obsession

About the possessed written many books and filmed more movies. As mentioned above, a religious interpretation of obsession looks like the subordination of demon will.

Obsessed man very much changed both externally and internally. He could experience seizures rage seizures. The possessed often think about suicide, but more often about the murder. They can speak on behalf of the one who took control of their body, even in an unfamiliar language.

Another sign of possession is the rejection of Christian symbols. But in this case we can talk about mental disorders than about the fact of external intervention. After all, Muslims also do not accept the Christian symbolism, but it is not a sign of obsession.

In Islam the sign of possession is considered to be immoral behavior, hallucinations, mental disorders and often loss of consciousness. However, the Muslims inhabit not demons, but genies or devils, that one and the same.

Religion or cults may be different, but in any of them the introduction of a person hostile entity is accompanied by similar symptoms. Obsessed not only suffer, but cause suffering to others. The indwelling demon is having a devastating effect on the carrier. The essence of not eating the body from the inside out physically – she feeds on the energy of the body.

How to cast out the demon

The phenomenon of the universe is a hostile entity were known long before the advent of Christianity. The priests and then the priests tried to fight these entities with the help of rituals, spells and prayers. However, as the practice of the Inquisition, there is nothing more powerful than the physical destruction of the media.

Actually, the devils needed a physical suffering of a victim they have received. When the inquisitors first tortured and then burned alive body on fire, then the devil has got so much energy that he only had that to leave the host body before his death.