The theory of multiple transformation

The concept of "soul mates" can be interpreted in different ways. The theory of reincarnation, or repeated reincarnation, says that a certain group of souls combined by ties of kinship long before "coming" to Earth. When they meet in the real world between them instantly a feeling of mutual sympathy and absolute harmony in communication.

Similar feelings and thoughts, the same views on life, tastes, and even gestures – only a small fraction of what is peculiar to kindred spirits. According to the theory of reincarnation, of energy of like-minded people vibrate at the same frequencies, so they intuitively feel each other, understand perfectly and shall provide mutual assistance in overcoming obstacles that occur in life.

How much of soul mates?

For this reason, there are two fundamentally different opinions. Some believe that there is only one genuine soul mate. When she finds her "soul mate", then form her perfect tandem. Figuratively it is called the "Oversoul" that has two physical bodies.

Others say that a person can have several soul mates. In this case we are talking about friends, parents, acquaintances and casual passers to help find a way out of difficult situations, have powerful domestic support and nourish energy. It is believed that every soul has a clearly assigned task, so at certain points in a person's life can suddenly appear specific people who accomplish their "mission", also suddenly disappear.

How to find your soul mate?

From birth, man is unconsciously looking for his soul mate. However, in order to meet her, you need to thoroughly examine your inner world, its energy, because that's the only way you can know what should be the second half.

First of all, people should understand themselves, to understand what he really wants. It is important that it has determined, as a kindred soul can make him truly happy. Only then it will be open to new relationships and will be able to choose the very a single soul among the thousands counter.

Sometimes it happens that the fate of the self presents gifts and brings loved ones, in these situations say they were destined to meet each other. Initially they may not even feel close, but eventually will merge.