Advice 1: What to do with zaplesneveluju jam

Some Housewives find zaplesneveluju jam, trying to take it in to fix the situation and not to throw like a suitable product. However, this is strongly not recommended to do for certain reasons that are consistent with the recommendations of qualified therapists-nutritionists.
What to do with zaplesneveluju jam

How dangerous zaplesneveluju jam

Jam, where there was mold, not suitable to eat because with the human body get alien fungi and bacteria. A specific number is digested by the stomach, however, other microbes get into the gut and begin there to develop actively. This causes the development of dysbiosis, bloating, diarrhea and serious food poisoning.

With a single use of moldy jam a strong immune system can deal with bacteria, but do not abuse it.

Mold, indicating that the jam is spoiled, is a very strong allergen, so asthma and Allergy sufferers eat foods that are spoiled by mould spores and fungi, is absolutely contraindicated. They can't even open a jar of zaplesneveluju jam, because it can even lead to asthma or edema. Unlike penicillin mold, food mold is quite useful and no antibiotic properties can not have.

The use of moldy jam

People assumed that if the surface of jam (cherry, strawberry, pear or any other) to remove the layer of mold, the remaining "clean" part, it is possible to eat. This misconception is very common and dangerous, since the top layer of mold that is visible to the naked eye – just the tip of the iceberg. Inside the rest of the jam remain the fungi and spores that can be seen only under a microscope or by using special tests.

Sometimes the smell of the invisible mold experienced mistress can smell the sense of smell, so if the jam smells "wrong", it must be disposed of.

Often economical women don't throw away jam with mold, and again boil it at high temperature. In this part fungi do die – but surviving spores still remain in the product and re-multiply, continuing to emit toxic substances.

To avoid mold on jam, its spin efficiently sterilize lids and jars, boil the raw material for boiling for a sufficient time, and put in it the amount of sugar specified in the recipe. With sugar, however, you need not to overdo it – otherwise the treat will Sacharissa. Store jam in a dry and cool place with minimal humidity, which cause the appearance of mold on foods.

Advice 2: Why jam candy

Jam is one of the oldest sweets, which was prepared by the ancient Greeks with honey, quince and other fruits. This treat is especially nice with flavored pastries, cold winter. Kept it a long time, but due to various reasons a jam can, over time, sugar that will spoil not only the appearance but also the taste of this wonderful dish.
Why jam candy

For what reasons can sugar jam

First of all, this is the result of prolonged and improper storage of the product. If there is a jam straight from the jar, there could be sugar crystals, and other parts products to support its sugared. This process may be exacerbated if stored in the fridge or in the cupboard, leaking closed containers of jam.

To sugar this product may result from improper preparation. This is usually due to adding too much honey or sugar. At the same time, the disadvantage of these products can lead to the appearance of mold in the jam, so when cooking be sure to observe the dosage of sugar in relation to the amount of fruit or berries.

It can also happen that the jam candy by too long cooking. Then the syrup becomes very thick, and fruits and berries lose their flavor and aroma. In turn it raw syrup can also lead to sugared treats, especially if the sugar is completely dissolved during cooking.

How to avoid sugaring jam

It is very important to follow the dosage of the ingredients during cooking. Each recipe and the different fruits require the addition of certain amount of sugar. But, in any case, it should not be more than berries or fruit.

Cook the jam until complete dissolution of sugar. Thus it is better to use intermittent brew, is to boil the dish for 10-15 minutes, allow to cool several hours, then again bring to a boil. Due to this, the sugar will dissolve much better and stronger fruits soaked syrup and at the same time do not have time to lose their flavor.

As soon as berries or chopped fruit slices start to become translucent, jam remove from heat, otherwise it will be overcooked. If the ingredients are heavily darkened, then jam, most likely, later Sacharissa. At the same time, it should not be rolling sooner than you will feel the fruits and berries start to release their flavor and aroma. Properly brewed jam should not spread, if you drop it on a plate.

To prevent sugaring you can also add at the end of cooking 3-5 g of citric acid, previously dissolved in 50 ml of hot water. But while cooking you need to constantly carefully remove the foam. And finally, put the finished product in sterilized glass jars and throw them also sterilized lids. Cold the jam should be stored either in the basement or in the refrigerator.

Advice 3: How to make raspberries in their own juice for the winter

Raspberry is one of the most popular berries long domestic preparations. It's used to make jam, jelly, candy, juices. Try another delicious and healthy recipe - raspberries in their own juice. Thus prepared, the berries retain all the vitamins, and great taste and aroma.
How to make raspberries in their own juice for the winter

Raspberries in their own juice: benefits and features

Traditional jams involves lengthy preparation. Three to four hours of boiling are interspersed with intervals of berries in syrup. This treatment guarantees the safety of the product. Finished jam can be stored at room temperature. But if you don't have enough time for cooking and want to keep the taste and aroma of fresh berries, use another blank in their own juice. So you can cook soft berries e.g. raspberries. The finished product is best stored in the refrigerator.
Raspberries can be mixed with other soft berries such as blackberries or blueberries.

Raspberries in their own juice used for the preparation of mousses and cocktails, as well as for pies, cakes and other home baking. Berries can be served with tea, it is suitable for the treatment of colds.

The most delicious recipes for the winter

Raspberries can be cooked in different ways - choose the one that seems the most fast and convenient.

Try a simple method of preparation of raspberries in their own juice. 1 kg of fresh raw materials need 1 kg of sugar. Pre-wash with baking soda a glass jar, rinse them and pour over boiling water. Allow the containers to dry.

Raspberries go through, cull mouldy or wormy berries. Rinse them, drain and then dry. Divide raspberries into 5 parts, four lay out the prepared banks and fifth place in a pot, add sugar and put on the stove. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce heat and, stirring, cook the mass over low heat until the crystals are completely dissolved. To prepare raspberry syrup will take about 10 minutes.

Hot syrup pour berries, arranged in banks so that the brim was about 2 cm, Place filled containers in a pot and sterilize. On the bottom of the pan spread a towel, put in jars and cover them with cold water so that it reached the shoulders of the jars. Bring the water to a boil. The processing time depends on the volume of containers. Three-liter jars boil for half an hour, and for sterilization liter will take no more than 15 minutes.
The amount of sugar for the filling can be increased - the finished product will be more sweet.

Another simple recipe involves boiling the syrup. Sort through the raspberries and pour into a clean dry banks, interspersing the berries and sugar. 1 kg of berries will need 500 g of sugar. Uplotnaet berries, tapping the edges of the cans. Allow the berries to soak for several hours to give the juice. Filled containers, sterilize in boiling water, and then roll up covers. Banks turn up bottoms and refrigerate. Raspberries get ready for storage.
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