During pregnancy, dizziness can occur because of changes in the composition of the blood of the expectant mother. During this period, because of the content of a large number of hormones blood vessels of the brain dilate and the blood stagnates in them a bit. Oxygen supply to the brain is disturbed, and begins to feel dizzy.

Dizziness in early pregnancy

If in the first few months of pregnancy you desperately dizzy, try to lie down. Disturbed blood flow returns to normal, oxygen starvation of the brain ceases, and dizziness in most cases is. The head can spin in a room that is poorly ventilated or smoked – try to leave it quickly.

Another reason for dizziness during pregnancy – the increase or decrease in blood pressure. To result pressure in norm it is not always necessary to resort to drugs. When lowering you can try to drink a Cup of green tea or freshly ground coffee. Green tea caffeine is much more, and this should be taken into account in the case when the pressure decreased slightly. In this case it is better to drink coffee. At high pressure you can drink a little warm milk.

In the early period of dizziness could occur due to toxicity – this time from the body in a large amount of excreted water, and the blood pressure is significantly reduced.

Dizziness in late pregnancy

During pregnancy occurs in the body, multiple changes is, in particular, changes in the circulatory system. Gradually a woman's heart is displaced and occupies a horizontal position, and increases the number of blood vessels, and the load on the heart. Late in pregnancy dizziness can be caused by the syndrome of the Vena cava. If a woman takes a certain position when lying on the back, the enlarged uterus could press the inferior Vena cava and impede blood flow. Their position should be carefully monitored, and the position chosen to sleep, to change at the slightest sign of the changes being.

Another common cause of dizziness – reduced blood hemoglobin levels. This may occur if the expectant mother forgot to eat or are unable due to sickness. There are those pregnant ladies that are specifically starving, not to gain extra weight. But during pregnancy is an unnecessary procedure that is able to harm the woman and her child.