Pain heart doctors are divided into two main groups that distinguish by origin. Angione pain that one experiences at different stages of the flow of coronary heart disease. Cardialgia that appear on the background of inflammation, heart disease, congenital diseases, vegetative-vascular dystonia.Breathlessness is the commonest symptom of damage to the heart. When her difficulty breathing, there is a lack of air, appear tingling pain in the left part of the chest. The symptoms of shortness of breath aggravated by exercise, you may experience seizures during prolonged walking, while emotional disorders. Weaken in the sitting position, at rest, after making nitroglycerine. Most often, breathlessness is the result of stagnation of blood in the lungs, increasing the pressure in the pulmonary capillaries.In diseases of the heart rheumatic character, with the defeat of the heart muscle (myocarditis), inflammation of the pericardium (pericardium) people for a long period of time experiencing aching and stabbing pain. Felt in the left side of the sternum, aggravated by cough and deep breath. Pain medications bring only temporary relief.Stabbing pain may not be associated with disease of the heart, and the result of diseases of other organs: in intercostal neuralgia, in pathology of the costal cartilages. In these diseases pain is worse when the person turns the torso, bends, sharp moves with his hands. Patients with neuroses also marked pain in the region of the heart. The pain appears periodically attack that lasts long. Patients complain of tingling in his chest. The pain in the heart region may occur in osteochondrosis, with the curvature of the spine or weakening it in the thoracic spine, when pinched nerve root.