Advice 1: Why is there a stabbing pain in my shoulder

Pain in the shoulder can be expressed in different ways and occur due to pathological processes that occur not only in joints but also in the whole body. A distinctive feature of most pain and tingling in the arm is a wave-like nature – the pain may worsen after some time to subside, and then reappear with even greater force.
Why is there a stabbing pain in my shoulder

Lekarstvennye pain

Data pain can be cured with the help of improvised means and most often occur due to the overloading or improper distribution of force when lifting heavy objects. Stabbing pain can arise if you frequently wear heavy portfolios. Discomfort in the shoulder joints is typical for students who carry a large number of textbooks and notebooks. The phenomenon, which causes inflammation, swelling and tingling in the joints called tendonitis. To get rid of the above problems, you can try using a warming ointment (for example, "Fastum-gel" or "gel"), which have anesthetic effect and capable of a few tricks to eliminate the unpleasant pain. You should contact the hospital if used drugs are not have the desired effect and the tingling continues for more than a month.

Also cause frequent tingling or severe pain can be old injuries received earlier. The pain can occur due to stretched muscles, bumps and falls, bruises, sprains and breaks. Usually a tingling sensation in the shoulder may be replaced by a serious pain, you should consult a doctor.
Most often the doctor can prescribe the right medications and to prescribe the wearing of a bandage or locking of the shoulder joint.


Intercostal neuralgia is a common cause of discomfort the shoulder joint. At the time of manifestation of the disease the pain becomes stabbing in nature and gives in the shoulder. This phenomenon can be observed quite often during the day, and the feeling can be compared with the injection of a thin and long needle. This hampered the ability to move your hand, it's harder to breathe. Sometimes the pain can appear in the heart.

Sostoianie muscle after exposure can also be a serious cause of sharp pain; in some cases the damaged area may go numb. To get rid of this disease is possible by means of warming ointments and pepper patch. To apply medication on the affected area or slightly below, if touching causes extreme discomfort.
During a long absence of treatment the disease may move to the stage of neuralgia, which are more difficult to treat.

Another reason for tingling in the shoulder can be a neuritis, which can be cured under the supervision of a specialist. It cause become infection, tumor formation, and various injuries. The pain occurs abruptly and may be replaced by tingling.

Arthritis and osteoarthritis are serious diseases, but they most often appear in older age. Tingling can be replaced by severe pain in all movements of the arms. Touching the affected area also cause pain. To cure the disease, you should consult a doctor for setting the right diagnosis and getting rid of unpleasant symptoms.

Advice 2: Why become numb and hands hurt

Numbness and pain in hands usually occurs in the elderly due to natural aging changes of the body. In most cases, it is felt in the morning after sleep. However, this problem can face young people. For some reason, unable to go numb and aching hands?
Why become numb and hands hurt

Because of some of the disease can occur numbness and pain in the hands

Such an unpleasant phenomenon as numbness of the limbs, are familiar to many people spending a long time at the computer or of a production machine. Due to the constant tension of the hands may have swelling or inflammation of the tendons, causing the trapped median nerve passing through the carpal canal. And this, accordingly, causes a feeling of numbness and pain.

Initially, such feelings are weak and manifest only in the mornings. But if you don't pay attention to it and not to take action, numbness, and pain will increase, appearing also in a different time of day. Numbness will become longer.

Such sensations also occur due to inflammation of the joints, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, diseases of the endocrine and nervous system, and other diseases. For example, if poor blood circulation in the capillaries, the fingers can severely numb and painful, especially in cold and windy weather.

Hands can become numb due to migraines and other diseases associated with the nervous system. In this case, the person must undergo a CT scan of the brain. The patient may need hospitalization and even surgery. To self-medicate or hope for a miracle in this case is not worth it.
To determine the cause of numbness and pain in hands only by a qualified neurologist, and should be referenced.

Treatment consists of drug therapy, physical therapy and in physical therapy for hands.

What can cause numbness, accompanied by pain

Often the cause of numbness and pain is not associated with any disease. For example, if the person was sleeping in an uncomfortable position in which free flow was hampered, after waking up he will experience numbness and pain in a dead hand.
A variation of this phenomenon - the so-called syndrome of lovers, when a woman falls asleep on hand, resulting in a broken limb blood flow.

Often a feeling of numbness, pain occurs after a lot of exercise, especially in untrained persons. To minimize these unpleasant phenomena, you should massage the hands, take a warm bath. Well help physical exercise with a moderate workload involving the muscles of the arms.

Advice 3: Why is there a tingling in your heart

Tingling in heart may be the first symptom of some serious diseases. Therefore, the first manifestation of discomfort in the region of the myocardium should be cause for a visit to the doctor.
Why is there a tingling in your heart
Tingling in heart occurs coronary disease, its complications causing myocardial infarction. CHD is the cause of heart pain in 12% of cases. With such disorders you need to consult a doctor. For the relief of the unpleasant symptoms should take Nitroglycerin.
Heart tingling and precordialgia syndrome, which is often observed in adolescents in the period of intensive growth of the body. Pain syndrome may be caused by physical or emotional stress and appears even if there is no activity. Such tingling in the region of the heart continues for a few minutes and usually disappear on their own.
Stabbing heart pain can be a symptom of the initial stage of atherosclerosis, which is the cause of acute coronary syndrome. Such disease most often appears in people of young age. Pain in region of heart at this pathology pass on their own or after taking Nitroglycerin. If the spasm of the coronary arteries will continue for too long, it can cause death.
Tingling in the region of the myocardium can be caused by myocardial dystrophy, which develops due to hormonal changes within the body during menopause or due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Stabbing pain in heart also appear during viral and allergic pericarditis, acute myocarditis infectious nature, cardiomyocyte hypertrophic, aortic aneurysm of ascending and thoracic.
Pericarditis is the inflammation of the outer membrane of the heart. Stabbing pain in this disease has several features. It starts gradually and then increases over several hours. The pain is localized in the left part of the chest behind the sternum, radiates to the right upper quadrant, the neck.
In the region of the myocardium may tingle in diseases of other organs, for example, because of different pathologies of Central and peripheral nervous system (with vegetative-vascular dystonia, intercostal neuralgia), respiratory diseases (acute pneumonia, dry pleurisy, diaphragmatic hernia).
This symptom is characteristic for pathologies of the musculoskeletal system (acute intercostal myositis, thoracoalgia, Tietze's syndrome), abnormalities of the endocrine system (hyperthyroidism), diseases of the digestive system (diskinesia biliary tract, acute holetsistoholangit). Harmful tingling in the heart are localized in the left part of the chest, they occur when fatigue, stress and excitement. Unpleasant symptoms go away when taking sedatives.
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