Perfect manicure is not only a neat shape, no excess cuticle and hangnail. The concept of a full manicure and also embedded nail varnish.

It can be almost imperceptible coating and bright paint, very conspicuous. However, there is a perception that the frequent application of nail Polish is harmful.

Possible harm of nail Polish

First and foremost, buying nail Polish, you should pay attention to its composition. A saving in production in order to reduce the prices of the producers not really thinking about the quality of their products.
In the composition of nail Polish should not contain toxic components such as toluene, formaldehyde, etc.

Harmful components included in the composition of nail Polish made by such firms can enter the body and have adverse effects on individual organs or systems.

Among these toxic components, it should be noted, for example, toluene and formaldehyde. Toluene in highly toxic and causes hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Formaldehyde depressing effect on the nervous system and also weakens the immune system.

Besides irregularities in the manufacture of varnishes can have an impact on their properties. The use of improper dyes in the composition will lead to the fact that the varnish will be painted, penetrating in the nail plate. Nails may not get access to oxygen. And to serve such a nail will not be long.

If a composition is all right, and the manufacturer, you are certain to harm your own nails can only you if used improperly.

The greatest harm to nails bring themselves lucky, and liquids to remove them, free of aggressive solvents. That is why it is not recommended to change the daily nail Polish, and to do it at least once a week.

Nails should also be correct. The main power of the nail plate receives the base of the nail, which is covered with a cuticle. Apply varnish on these places should not be. It is better to leave a few millimeters in order for the nail to get daily access to all the necessary substances.

Can be helpful nail Polish

Specialists in manicure, it is believed that the proper use of varnish helps to strengthen thin and weak nails.
The use of quality paints, not only will not harm your nails, but also protect them from harmful influences.

Sealing the nail plate protecting it from aggressive external influences, for example, when performing housework. Lacquer with special additives can prevent the bundle or be a source of valuable nail components.

Due to these reasons the manicure with high-quality varnish helps to grow a beautiful and well-groomed nails.