For the first time the desire to paint your nails can occur in girls aged 3-4 years, when the parents are for a child of the reference person and the desire to emulate them is especially pronounced. Perhaps peer pressure: a girl can see nails from a friend and want to follow her example.

The effect of nail Polish on your health

Some parents think that the nail Polish is harmless, since it is designed for outdoor use. However, some substances contained in the varnish, still enters the body.

Some of the substances included in the composition of nail polishes, is extremely harmful. Formaldehyde decreases the immunity and affects the nervous system. Toluene and methylbenzol are among the carcinogenic substances. Not less harm to bring camphor and acetone.

All these substances are harmful not only to the body as a whole, and to the nails, making them weak and brittle. Allow these nails in proper form only with the help of varnish, apply it often, therefore, the number of incoming harmful substances in the body increases.

Such chemical exposure threatens even the body of an adult woman and the body of the child is much more vulnerable. Dear lucky, produced by reputable firms are less dangerous, but they are not without harmful impurities. Even a nail can lead to indigestion and even poisoning, if the particle gets into the stomach, and the nail-biting common to many children.

Psychological impact

All parents, welcome to child because it is perceived as an attribute of adulthood, this is due to the desire of the child to "become big". Linking the concept of growing up with the use of cosmetics, parents indoctrinate my daughter is a vicious plant that is sure to show itself in the future: "attractiveness to the opposite sex – the main value". This girl is risking not grow a self-sufficient personality, a "doll", aimed to "sell themselves dearly".

Another vicious installation, associated with a too early acquaintance with cosmetics, including nail Polish, is associating the idea of beauty exclusively with the use of cosmetics. Much more important to instill in girls the idea of "beauty of health".

Staining of the nails can meet with a negative reaction on the part of daycare providers or teachers at school. If the parents are going because of this conflict with teachers, affected the authority of teachers in the eyes of the girls, if the parents will comply with the requirements, will hurt their own credibility ("first allowed, then banned"). Pedagogical effect in both cases is negative.

If the parents still want to teach your daughter to use cosmetics in General and nail Polish in particular, it is better to use special cosmetics designed for children. Even such a varnish should not be used every day. Need to explain to the girl that nails it is only in special cases – for example, going to the theater or to visit.